Who are we?

At Sealed, we’re unlocking comfort, value, and efficiency in aging homes—and transforming energy, finance, and home improvement along the way.

With Sealed, it’s easy and affordable to solve the problems that make houses too hot, too cold, and too wasteful. In partnership with energy utilities and certified contractors, Sealed finances key home improvements using the money homeowners currently waste on energy.

Homes are renewed from the inside out—all without increasing homeowners’ monthly bills. Upgrades like HVAC, insulation, air sealing, and smart home technology transform the way a home feels and functions. Sealed coordinates projects from beginning to end, and we stand behind our work. If we don’t reduce a home’s energy use, we don’t get paid.

Sealed is backed by a $5 billion global investment firm and has major partnerships with large utility companies like Con Edison. 

Based in New York City, Sealed was founded by Lauren Salz (CEO, Forbes 30 under 30, former McKinsey) and Andy Frank (President, energy efficiency veteran).

Learn more at sealed.com.

What will you do?

Nobody likes their energy bills, but as Energy Billing Manager you’ll make sure they look forward to getting their Sealed bill each month to understand for the first time why their energy bills change and how much energy they are saving with Sealed.  

At Sealed, billing is a core part of our business - we are the first company to bill homeowners based on the actual energy they save. This means that every bill customers receive is different and based on several factors, including the amount of energy they use. Sealed also provides a “Combined Billing” service for customers, paying their actual utility bills on their behalf. 

You will manage the customer billing process from beginning to end, from initial customer billing setup to final processing and reporting. You will also manage all utility payments that Sealed makes on behalf of the customer. With your maniacal organization and attention to detail, customers are assured that they are billed fairly and accurately each month. 

After a customer project is installed they are enrolled with Sealed, you will:

  • Set up customers to receive their first Sealed bill.
  • Manage customer bill issuance.
  • Manage customer utility bill payments.
  • Upgrade billing processes to reduce data duplication and potential error.
  • Provide billing analyses based on customer support requests.
  • Process any customer early payments. 
  • Create energy savings and billing reports for key Sealed financial partners.

What does success look like?

  • Sealed customers are billed accurately and on time with no exception. 
  • Sealed billing processes are increasingly efficient, requiring less and less time per bill sent. 
  • Customer billing information is entered consistently and correctly in all internal systems.


  • 2+ years of experience in billing operations of a complex product.
  • Experience at a company focused on consumer or SMB market.
  • Self-starter with an ownership mentality for data analysis process improvement.
  • Familiarity with CRM and spreadsheet software.

Nice to have

  • Experience in the energy or medical industry.
  • Finance or accounting experience. 
  • Customer facing experience.


  • Competitive salary, unlimited PTO, stock options, health benefits


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