More data exists about each of us than ever before. This data holds the key to a lot of value when consent is given, but its utility must never come at the expense of people's privacy. Permutive exists in a complicated ecosystem where the privacy landscape is undergoing rapid and constant change, and with this change comes a huge opportunity to rebuild advertising on the open web to protect user privacy.

We are looking for an experienced Data Privacy Product Manager to execute on a privacy-first product mission that builds trust with our end-users, customers, and the wider industry.

In your role you will sit at the intersection of engineering, data governance, privacy law, and our users. You will bring these stakeholders together on this product-level mission where privacy is a first-class consideration.


Your role in shaping the future of data privacy...

  • Ensure all products at Permutive capture the legal requirements, policy direction, and engineering limitations in a privacy landscape that is undergoing rapid change.
  • Develop a product roadmap for consumer privacy, balancing customer and end-user needs with the exploration of new privacy approaches for the industry from a first-principles mindset.
  • Partner with legal, product marketing, security, and other teams across the company to identify and educate on potential privacy challenges, and drive towards pragmatic solutions.
  • Represent Permutive at committees like the W3C Privacy Community Group.
  • Absorb and translate complex industry-led policies like Apple's ITP and Google Chrome's Privacy Sandbox to help our customers understand and adapt to privacy-focused technology changes.
  • Define and track privacy metrics for the Permutive platform.
  • Help conduct technical security assessments and regulatory compliance for the platform.
  • Communicate regularly with leadership — privacy is a C-level consideration at Permutive.


The experience you bring to our company...

  • Command of the web stack, including storage mechanisms like Local Storage and IndexedDB; browser cookie types like HttpOnly, SameSite, third-party; iframe limitations; browser security features, e.g. CSP directives; and the fundamentals of web server software and deployment.
  • Knowledge of network and related web protocols (e.g., HTTPS, HTTP, TCP/IP, SSL, TLS, and DNS) and IAM solutions.
  • Experience in and around consumer privacy and security—particularly with privacy-preserving strategies like encryption, cryptographic hash functions, data minimization, probabilistic data structures, and differential privacy.
  • Strong familiarity with recent government regulation, including GDPR in Europe and CCPA in the US, as well as a reasonable understanding of data protection policies.
  • Engaging with cross-functional partners, including engineering, legal and commercial, and helping drive toward solutions.
  • Bias toward action and urgency, especially when faced with emerging threats or ambiguous situations that require making trade-offs.


We’d especially love to hear from you if...

  • You have contributed to privacy or security-focused committees or industry groups.
  • You’ve engaged with security teams from major technology platforms, e.g. iOS, Android, major browsers.
  • You’ve been following recent browser privacy advancements like Apple Safari's Intelligent Tracking Prevention and Google Chrome's Privacy Sandbox.
  • You’re familiar with technical security standards like ISO 27001 and SOC II & III and the assessment process.


During your first six months at Permutive, you will...

  • Engage with security teams at the major browsers to better understand the vision for security, and how tracking prevention technologies impacts use of first-party data.
  • Partner with our engineering, legal, and product marketing teams to build a product-level roadmap that empowers publishers to retain control over their own identities and first-party consented data capture so that they can better protect user privacy and stay on the right side of future browser anti-tracking measures.
  • Review Permutive's product suite and infrastructure to identify risk vectors and opportunities to improve the privacy and security of the platform.


How we pay...

If you have experience in most of the areas we are looking for, we would likely pay a salary of £120,000 + options.

If you have all the required experience, and most of our desired bonus experience, we'd pay a salary up to £150,000 + options.



  • Stock options (you'll own a piece of the pie)
  • Parental Leave Policy entitling new parents up to 26 weeks of leave on full pay
  • Time to rest and relax with unlimited paid leave (minimum expectation of 25 days annually)
  • Extensive training and development opportunities
  • Automatic enrolment into our pension scheme from day one
  • Free access to Spill, our mental health partners 


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Permutive, we’re taking a thoughtful, intersectional, long-term approach to diversity, equity & inclusion. We care deeply about creating an inclusive work environment that allows everyone to flourish, and we are taking continual action to progress in that direction. If you would like to read an outline of efforts we have already made towards becoming a more inclusive company as well as insight into what we are actively working on, you can find that information here.


How we are responding to COVID-19

We have a presence in London and New York. At the beginning of March 2020 we made the decision to move to working from home for all Permutive employees until 2022. We have invested significant time and budget into ensuring that everyone is suitably equipped to manage this time period. Our guiding principle behind any decision we make will always be the health and well-being of our employees.

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