OneDegree Infra 部門涵蓋雲端及地端所有設備及網路之管理及資安,我們透過了許多自動化工具提升Ops的效率,實習期間您將在資深同事的帶領下,負責至少一項自動化專案的導入。透過本實習計畫結業之實習生,將有機會優先錄取為 OneDegree 網路工程師,未來並逐步往 Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) 職能邁進。

實習期間:3~6 個月

上班時間 09:00-18:00 (每週 12-20 小時,可彈性安排)



  • Deploy, maintain and troubleshoot on issues related to Endpoint
  • Asset and Endpoint management
  • Induct and train users on IT applications , Organize documents
  • Simple instruction for computer & network issue 

  • 協助部署、維護和解決與端點相關的問題
  • 協助管理資產
  • 協助用戶使用IT相關應用
  • 協助管理與撰寫IT相關文件
  • 協助同事解決電腦和網絡問題


  • Students who are currently pursuing Bachelor or Master
  • Able to work at least 20 hours a week, at least 3 months period
  • Familiar with computer basic knowledge for supporting IT helpdesk requests
  • Good communicator
  • Basic computer systems and installation knowledge, both software and hardware.
  • Troubleshooting administrative problems.Including dealing with account maintenance issues, password management, and user access permission.

Preferred skill:
- Experience in Linux and/or Mac administration
- Automation Skill (PowerShell and/or Shell Script, Python, Java, or a similar language, can be a beginner to intermediate level).
- Operating systems, network switches and routers, IP routers, and much more.

Soft Skills:

- Demonstrated experience learning new technologies
- Strong collaborative skills and extensive cross-group coordination skills 
*Prior internship experience in similar function will be a plus.

  • 就讀大學或碩士的學生
  • 每周至少工作20小時,至少工作3個月
  • 熟悉IT的基礎知識
  • 善於溝通
  • 電腦系統基礎知識(包括軟體和硬體)
  • 具有第一線排查與管理問題。包括處理帳號問題、密碼管理、訪問權限等

- 有 Windows / Linux / Mac 管理經驗
- 自動化技能(PowerShell 和/或 Shell 腳本、Python、Java 或類似語言,可以是初學者到中級水平)
- 有操作系統、網絡交換機和路由器、IP 路由器的經驗等等
- 有學習新技術的經驗
- 較強的協作能力和廣泛的跨組協調能力 *有類似經驗的優先

Interview Process

Interview: 1.5 hours,

  • 1 hour meet with hiring managers 
  • 0.5 hour with HR


* 必填