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The world needs smart food solutions that are friendly to the palate and the planet, but right now, plant-based and alternative protein products just don’t stack up to the real thing.

And that’s where Nourish comes in.

Our animal-free fats and oils make alternative proteins taste delicious. With our science, we can tailor flavour profiles that precisely reproduce the taste and mouthfeel of beef, chicken, fish, milk, cheese and beyond. Products made with our fats are more than an alternative, they’re a straight up improvement. Backed by Horizons Ventures and Main Sequence Ventures, Nourish Ingredients are a key player in the future of a smarter, more sustainable, and more diverse food system. 

Day-in-a-Life of our Synthetic Biology Scientist

In this role you will work as part of the One Nourish team to improve and develop our synthetic biology portfolio. You will be responsible for building DNA constructs, transforming yeast and fungal species, screening transformants and assisting with strain culturing. This is an exciting opportunity to begin to translate the theory of synbio into actual products in the marketplace. You will work closely with the other parts of our business to develop a deep understanding of what these products need to look like and then develop synbio strategies to achieve them.

We are looking for a solutions-focused individual who brings passion for, and expertise in changing the way the world eats, namely through plant-based proteins. We believe we have the right science-based solution to the problem, but we need creative product-driven minds who take initiative and like to challenge themselves.


Our Synthetic Biology Scientist will:

  • Help design and build (Golden-gate, Gibson, and other advanced DNA assembly techniques) new expression vectors and transform and engineer a variety of yeast and fungal species.
  • Design and setup high-throughput screening protocols for DNA constructs and engineered fungal strains primarily by PCR, qPCR, and phenotype.
  • Adhere to best practices in information capture and recording.
  • Become familiar with yeast lipid metabolism.
  • Be part of a larger R&D effort, providing support with fermentation optimisation and lipid analysis.


Type of projects you’ll be working on:

  • Isolation of microorganisms with biotechnological benefit.
  • Yeast and bacterial DNA vector construction.
  • High throughput yeast genetic engineering and strain verification for lipid production.
  • High throughput strain culturing (minibioreactors like Growthprofiler and BioLector etc.) and assisting with sample preparation for analysis.

You have:

  • A degree in Microbiology, Molecular Biology Science or another related field.
  • 5 years of Microbiology/Molecular Biology laboratory experience.
  • Hands-on experience with molecular biology techniques as applied to molecular cloning and DNA assembly and library preparation methods.
  • Experienced in aseptic microbiology culturing techniques.
  • Good personal skills so you can work effectively between our fermentation, analytical and food teams.
  • Drive, energy, and enthusiasm.


It would be great, but absolutely not necessary, if you also had:

  • Knowledge of current yeast synthetic biology tools.
  • Non-conventional yeast strains engineering and transformation.
  • Passionate about microbes, genetics and biotechnology.

You are:

  • Someone who is deeply passionate about tackling global issues using biotechnology.
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work autonomously and as part of a team.
  • Proficient with basic molecular biology techniques.
  • Determined and motivated
  • A fast learner

If you do a good job:

The world is your plant-based oyster! This is a pivotal role that will provide you with an opportunity to gain experience within the alternative food ingredient industry and be on the cutting edge of synbio innovation. We want everyone at Nourish to have equal access to success and joy, and this role will be integral in driving both of these things to the team!

We offer:

  • Opportunity to be part of something big as we set out to change the way the planet looks at sustainable, plant-based alternatives.
  • A supportive and collaborative environment
  • Opportunities to collaborate with some of the world’s leading science, food technology, fermentation and synthetic biology organisations.
  • Opportunities for meaningful ownership including equity ownership in the company.

**Maybe this role is not for you if you:

Prefer to have a role with specific focus. As a start-up employee, you will need to wear many hats and get your hands dirty with tasks and projects outside of the traditional scope of this role.

Here’s how to apply:

Send us your CV now along with a brief cover letter telling us about:

  • What you think is the most pressing challenge we face in transforming the way the world views plant-based protein
  • Why you are the best person for this job and why you want to work for Nourish Ingredients.

This is a unique opportunity to be part of solving real world problems and help spur the next era of alternative protein food production. Find out more about Nourish Ingredients here:


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