Whether it's the biological diversity of our gene editing systems or the people that help discover them, Metagenomi celebrates the diversity of life. This is achieved through a compassionate culture that acknowledges the dimensions of our diversity.  We know that when people feel a sense of inclusion and belonging in the workplace, they have a safe space to bring creativity and innovation to everything they do. We are intentional about building and maintaining a culture where people are valued and respected, there is equity in opportunities, and our respective opinions and differences matter.


Driven by innovation.

We think outside the confines of what is 'known' and deemed 'possible'.Our compounding sense of wonder and curiosity permeate the barriers of scientific discovery. We explore, question, and sink our efforts into finding novel solutions that we believe will change the future of human health as we know it. 

Dedicated to scientific rigor.

Delving into the unknown drives us, yet our dedication to maintaining a data-driven and scientifically rigorous enterprise is what breeds unyielding results. We chart new paths of scientific inquiry with integrity and agility, learning as we go and pivoting when required. The quality of our work is what sets us apart - a product of our tenacity and drive for excellence.

Championed by each other.

To cultivate an environment of inquisitive thinking, it is paramount that we harbor a safe and supportive environment, fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging for one another.We hold space for each other, championing the wins and rebounding from the setbacks, together.As a team, we work towards our shared goal of developing curative therapeutics that will have profound impact on the lives of patients and loved ones.

At Metagenomi, we strive to provide our employees with above market competitive benefits that focuses on your total well-being. Our menu of benefits provides not only traditional insurance plans, but thoughtful programs that meet the needs of our employees and dependents at all phases in life.


Protecting yourself from job scams


At Metagenomi, we take cybersecurity seriously. To protect prospective candidates and prevent potential fraud or job scammers from falsely representing Metagenomi, Inc. we would like to take a moment to remind you about fraud and how to protect yourself.


Job scammers or fraudsters often try to trick people into revealing personal information via phishing emails, phone calls, or fake websites. Here are some red flags to watch out for and key reminders for our prospective candidates:  


  • All of our open positions are posted on the Metagenomi Careers Page
  • Metagenomi, Inc. and our agency representatives will never ask you for money or financial information 
  • We will never ask applicants to communicate sensitive or personal information via  social media, text, or email
  • We will never extend an offer of employment without a formal interview process, wherein an HR representative and the hiring team conducts video and/or in-person interviews
  • We never conduct interviews via chat rooms or messaging apps
  • Metagenomi will only email you from an authorized Metagenomi email 
  • If in doubt, please check our LinkedIn Company page


If you would like to learn more or if you suspect fraud, please refer to the following websites:


Thank you for your vigilance!


Current Job Openings

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