The Company

Maven helps anyone build a cohort-based course and deliver an incredible student experience at scale.

Unlike small workshops or on-demand online classes, we integrate both live and asynchronous components to engage students without needing to scale up instructor time or support staff.

Our mission is to democratize education through online cohort-based courses.

Right now, many experts and creators don't have the team, budget, or bandwidth to create a high quality cohort-based course. Inspired by the simplicity and power of tools like Shopify and Substack, we are building a platform that enables the best instructors around the world to build the most engaging and interactive courses.

Our small team has built and run world-class educational experiences at Udemy, AltMBA, Minerva, Google, General Assembly, Socratic, and Shopify. We're backed by incredible investors including Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, Naval Ravikant, and Arlan Hamilton. We've launched sold-out courses for incredible instructors like Li Jin, Anthony Pompliano, Lenny Rachitsky, Sahil Lavingia, and more.

We're looking for entrepreneurial, strategic doers who are passionate about shaping the future of education. Could that be you?

The Role

We're fortunate to have access to some of the world's top creators across Twitter, TikTok, Substack, YouTube, and more. The baseline pricing for Maven is 10% of course revenue to use our self-serve product, but instructors can opt-in for additional services for a 25% fee. This role is responsible for the 25% fee part of our business, which will offer a suite of Maven's add-on services to support instructors.

  • Create an "internal staffing agency" within Maven that will serve thousands of instructors and increase Maven's ability to add value to course creators
  • Build an ecosystem of part-time course staff, including coaches, course managers, community managers, and moderators to provide add-on services for Maven instructors
  • Empathize with and appeal to operational roles mentioned above. We treat these folks as important stakeholders and want them to have a positive experience growing with Maven. These are important roles who aren't instructors, but play a big role in bringing magic to the student experience.
  • Design and set up a scalable, delightful, high quality system for sourcing, vetting, and managing a small army of coaches, course managers, community managers, and moderators. This includes measuring the quality of these roles' performance, setting up mechanisms to flag when issues happen, creating a consistent experience, etc
  • Build the roadmap for how add-on services look in the short-term to test an MVP of the idea, then build it out in the mid- and long-term
  • Start as a hands-on 'team of one,' then potentially hire and lead a team of direct reports

Your KPIs are the NPS (or another measure of satisfaction) of instructors who use Maven's add-on services & the NPS of staff who provide add-on services.We’re looking for entrepreneurial builders. We want to find people who are passionate about what we’re building. Candidates don’t necessarily need prior course building experience.

This role will report directly to Wes Kao, co-founder of Maven. We're open to making the above role a "Head Of" role for senior level candidates. 

Who's a Good Fit

Picasso said, “There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun." You transform a yellow spot into the sun. You’re scrappy, rigorous, and find a way to get things done. You’ve taken a little and turned it into a lot.

You’ve been an early hire on an early-stage team, and worked in a role that was ever-changing because what you needed to do changed based on the context. You have bold ideas, and the skills to gather what you need to execute a realistic minimum viable project.

You're a strategic doer and entrepreneurial builder. You don't just tolerate execution and hope you don't have to execute for much longer--you find your craft thrilling and you love building. You’ll be responsible for the success of your function, not only for a single component of it.

Come Learn, Grow, and Build with Us

We're a fully remote company with employees in Toronto, Austin, New York, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone within 1 hour of US time zones is welcome. 

We hire across a spectrum—we’re open to talented folks who are new in their career, and love more experienced people who can run teams and like doing the scrappy hands-on work before building a team. The role above will start as individual contributors. Based on your performance, you might build a team of direct reports. Since you’ll start as a one-person show, you should be excited to role up your sleeves to execute. Our business is evolving fast, so by the time you start the job, the role could have changed dramatically. This job description is meant to be directional and we’re looking for people who can evolve with us.

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