Turn it up to 11 as a Data Scientist! 

Do you want to solve some of the biggest challenges facing companies today using data and analytics?  Do you want the opportunity to work with a team of incredibly intelligent, fun-loving, and collaborative individuals?  Are you looking to grow and develop your skills across a variety of technologies and tools? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Inspire11 could be a great fit for you!  We are a full services local consulting firm that is building out customized solutions to help our clients stay relevant in an ever-changing technological environment.  Our project work spans across a variety of specialties from data warehousing to data science and a variety of industries.   

We partner with our clients to optimize their business, and ultimately blow their minds with the solutions we’re able to implement.  Our team is always tackling the most difficult problems that client teams face, and are never stuck in maintenance mode.   

Our team is always learning from each other and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 

You’re still not sold?  There’s More: 

  • Growth opportunity: We are always learning new technologies and educating our clients on what’s available in the data space.  You also will have the opportunity to engage in growing the team and there are ample opportunities to take ownership 
  • Work life balance: We are respectful of people’s boundaries and have unlimited time off so that our team has time to recharge and do their best work 
  • Flexible hours: We understand that our team members have different needs and do our best to work with their schedules while accommodating client needs 
  • Inclusive environment:  We are committed to building an inclusive environment where all teammates feel comfortable and supported 
  • Fun!  We love to keep things fun, both within our client work and at company wide events 

So what do I have to do to join? 

  • Conduct detailed analyses to understand and explain business problems and utilize standard analysis skills such as facilitation, interview, gap analysis, etc.  
  • Identify, develop and document issues, perform analysis, draw conclusions and formulate strategic recommendations, with assistance with management team members  
  • Create clear and actionable Data Science roadmaps and supporting business cases, while prioritizing quick wins with near-term measurable impact  
  • Identify and leverage approaches, appropriate tools and methodologies  
  • Enthusiastically contribute towards industry specific offerings/thoughts leadership development  

I can do that!  Any other skills that I need?   

  • At least 4+ years of Data Science experience   
  • Previous experience working with multiple verticals and/or business units   
  • An aptitude for critical and analytical thinking as well as the capacity to accept out-of-the-box solutions   
  • Experience scoping and/or leading data science initiatives 
  • Excellent communication skills   
  • Fundamental statistical knowledge such as probability, t-tests, ANOVA, research design 
  • Experience using time series decomposition methods 
  • Fluent in SQL and one of Python/R/SAS 
  • Experience creating compelling dashboards in a BI Tool (Power BI preferred) 
  • Experience deploying models into a production environment 

We believe that everyone drives change, and everyone is an owner. Nothing excites us more than having the ability to collaborate with intelligent, highly-motivated and talented people on challenging problems as we work to change the face of the digital and analytics space.   

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