Freeform is a stealth-mode metal 3D printing startup backed by Silicon Valley’s top venture capital firms.  Founded by experienced entrepreneurs from several of the world’s most innovative companies, we believe that transforming the way things are made is essential to making the world a better place. Our advanced technology stack lies at the intersection of hardware, software, and data science, creating the foundation for the world’s first fully autonomous manufacturing factory.

To this end, we are actively looking for individuals who share our singular vision of transforming the way things are made and who thrive in a technically challenging, dynamic environment.  As a team we believe in close collaboration, mutual respect, first-principles thinking, and having a sense of humor. If you are highly motivated and passionate about radically changing the world for the better, we’d love to hear from you!

Current Job Openings

Business Operations

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineer
Hawthorne, CA

Information Technology

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineer
Hawthorne, CA
Mechanical Technician
Hawthorne, CA

Software Engineering