Reporting into the CEO, the Director of Recruiting is building out the foundation for how DataGrail recruits. For immediate success in the role, someone who is still able to carry a requisition load is essential, also with experience in building processes and enabling our hiring managers across the organization. As the company grows, the Director of Recruiting will also be growing and managing their own team to ensure that DataGrail can continue on its aggressive growth trajectory. Ideal applicants will have already placed many hires, had cross-departmental experience, and may have already had some management experience.

You’ll Own:

  • The candidate experience with DataGrail, from application or first outreach through hire or decline
  • A job requisition load of 40-50 across the rest of this year, spanning multiple departments and hiring managers, and at multiple levels
  • The build-out of the recruiting function including the design of core processes, enabling hiring managers in job design and interview pathways, interviewer training and best practices, hiring additional recruiters and recruiting coordinators, and all external recruitment relationships
  • All negotiations with candidates across the company to help find the middle ground between interests
  • Core operating metrics for recruiting across the company, to be designed with the CEO

You’ll Improve:

  • Our candidate experience survey results, providing all candidates with an authentic experience of the DataGrail values
  • Our hiring velocity, with sourcing tools and techniques, pipeline management and reporting, and proper interview pathway design
  • Our team’s visual and non-visual diversity by challenging our biases and widening our sourcing initiatives
  • Our team’s performance, through strong interviews which help the best candidates move forward

You’ll Teach:

  • Key recruitment skills to hiring managers
  • Interview best practices to our company
  • Best in class recruitment processes to the team you’ll be hiring

You’ll Learn:

  • Management skills (we have dedicated training for all managers on our team!)
  • Process design and optimization with your Operations team-mates (who are also here to help set you up for success)
  • How to plan and scale a recruiting organization, from an early stage start-up through to a fully scaled enterprise. 
  • Whatever else you’d like to; DataGrail has established mentorship programs and actively works to ensure everyone is able to be consistently learning and developing

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