Hi, we are CreditBook!

Currently being used by millions of micro businesses across Pakistan in a matter of months, our customer centric approach has built trust with our users to help them digitise their businesses through technology. CreditBook is a digital ledger that tracks bookkeeping and credit collection. With over 2 million users and two mentions in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year, and backed by leading investors around the world (Tiger Global's & firstminute Capital's first investment in Pakistan, along with Quiet Capital and Better Tomorrow Ventures) we are just getting started!


We are always looking for ambitious individuals to add to our team, from anywhere in the  world. If the opportunities below resonate with you, and you want to be at a company that puts impact and customers first with operators that have had success in Pakistan and Europe, then continue to check out our roles below!

We're on the lookout for the top 1% of talent around the world that are just getting their careers off the ground. If you are:

  • Mission driven — you align with CreditBook's mission of improving financial outcomes for micro businesses in emerging markets
  • User obsessed — no task is too big or too small when it comes to ensuring that users get the most value from your output.
  • Curious — have a hunger for solving problems; the more complex the hungrier you get
  • Reflective — in pursuit of being the best you continually reflect and take action on how to be the best
  • Data driven — opinions are normative, but you use data to cite and bring evidence to anything you disagree with.
  • Collaborative — you lend a helping hand to someone in need often.
  • Clear — you listen to a question closely, and answer thoughtfully.
  • Action oriented — you believe leadership is all about leading by example.

If you’re still nodding your head in agreement and this seems like a good fit, apply away— we’re looking for you!

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