We are looking for a Lead Cinematic Artist who understands game development and has a genuine interest in making stunning cinematic content.

You will be collaborating with the cinematic team to create immersive high-quality cinematics and leading a group of skilled Cinematic Artist, under the guidance of the Cinematic Director, to achieve a consistent level of cinematic quality across the entire game.

You will work with various teams across the studio combining all the ingredients necessary to create compelling cinematics. You will support the cinematics team in a variety of ways, by applying your experience in real-time cinematics and multiple skills to your daily work. We are looking for a multi-disciplinary Lead Cinematic Artist who enjoys working in multiple areas of cinematic production and leads the Cinematic Artists to delivering engaging cinematic content every day.

You will be joining the team at a crucial time for the studio, as we grow and develop our cinematic pipeline, which will offer a great career opportunity for the right candidate.



  • Support the entire creative process, from initial prototyping to final delivery.
  • Support the Performance Capture by assisting in the organization and preparation of the shoots and ensuring all assets are correctly delivered on-time.
  • Take storyboards and produce animatics and previz scenes, working closely with the Cinematic Director to realise a consistent vision.
  • Keep the Cinematic Artists focussed on priorities, using best practices and leading by example.
  • Collaborate closely with Tech Art in the development of the cinematic pipeline as well as preparing assets for cinematics.
  • Review and feedback on cinematic layout work, supporting and assisting the team where needed.
  • Prepare scenes and assets required for performance capture shoots and the cinematic animation team.
  • Scene layout and maintenance in game engine.
  • Collaborate with other disciplines inside and outside of the Cinematic team.



  • 3+ Years of experience in similar position, preferably at least 1 shipped title under your belt.
  • Excellent communication and management skills.
  • Self-organised and interested in improving the cinematic creative process.
  • Team building and coaching.
  • Great eye for camera work, composition, staging and scene pacing.
  • Extensive experience with Performance Capture shoots.
  • Strong knowledge of Motion Builder or Maya using Story or Sequencer.
  • Previous experience placing and manipulating motion capture data in scenes
  • Capable of meeting schedules and committing to delivery dates, as well as helping the team to achieve milestone goals.
  • Provide a demo showcasing your best work for real-time game cinematics.
  • Be a team player, open to take and offer feedback.
  • Have the desire to make awesome games.

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