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Bridgewater manages global investments for a wide array of institutional clients, including foreign governments and central banks, corporate and public pension funds, university endowments and charitable foundations.  Bridgewater is a highly entrepreneurial company, driven to success by: its process, its people, and its culture. At Bridgewater, we have invented, and keep inventing, superior approaches to investing and technology. We have fueled this innovation by recruiting talented, creative people from all backgrounds and promoting an invigorating and collaborative work environment. We are committed to the constant pursuit of excellence, and the belief that a meritocracy of ideas, not hierarchies, drives decision-making. Bridgewater is based in Westport, Connecticut.

Department Summary

The goal of the Research department is to fundamentally understand how the global economy works. Embedded within the Research department is a uniquely talented team that builds the tools that allow our macro economists to conduct their research and understand the world’s economies at a level we believe no other firm is capable of. These tools tackle problems from data ingestion and storage, to data visualization to signal creation.  In order to achieve this goal, we require a first-rate development ecosystem as part of our hybrid cloud platform.  Thus, we’re investing in building an AWS-specific engineering team. This investment will allow us to deepen and broaden our AWS environment, its’ management/governance, and capabilities.

Role Summary

As an AWS Sr. Software Engineer, you will be the most senior engineer responsible for executing your team’s strategy of how Bridgewater will strategically leverage AWS to empower our users, protect our logic, and scale our business.  As a sophisticated technology production environment, Bridgewater has a large scale, extremely complex, and highly secure AWS environment.  As our demand for AWS usage grows, we are looking to build an AWS-focused software engineering team to enhance, govern, and manage that usage.

We think you’ll click with us if you

  • Enjoy building effective processes around cloud management to facilitate smart development
  • Blend production and operations mentality to ensure AWS accounts are up and fit for purpose
  • Can prioritize and organize many concurrent threads across different initiatives in the cloud space
  • Can build cloud platforms that enable development outcomes

You’ll Spend Your Time

  • Mentoring Jr. Engineers and developing the plan for the teams’ progression
  • Partnering with software engineers throughout the Research department to understand AWS requirements
  • Working through designs and managing the overall design process for AWS accounts
  • Thinking about how to keep Bridgewater at the forefront of Cloud Security, partner with our Security department to manage our risk

Position Requirements

  • Enterprise Amazon Web Services (AWS) domain engineering expertise
  • Excellent software engineering fundamentals, both in terms of Computer Science and DevOps engineering principles and practices
  • A degree in a relevant field (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering).


Bridgewater Associates, LP is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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