Newspack’s mission to help small and medium-sized news organizations publish great stories and find a path to financial sustainability at a moment when journalism faces immense challenges.

As a Senior Software Engineer you will be part of a team of more than a dozen developers, designers and support managers who help our growing list of news organizations migrate their sites to the Newspack platform and improve their publishing operations.  


As a Newspack engineer you will work on “launch tech” — importing, migrating, and transforming content from a variety of sources. Wrangling large, complex sites is a challenge that requires constant ingenuity and iteration. You will work on the many Newspack products, which run the gamut of news-focused functionality including: homepage design, funnel management and messaging, donation/membership, advertising, newsletters, and much more. You will troubleshoot and optimize site performance and plugin interoperability.  

Newspack engineers interact directly with our customers, creating a lively feedback loop that allows us to tailor our product to the customers needs. You will know your customers by name, and will have unusual visibility into the workings of their businesses and their technology needs.

We’re looking for Software Engineers with experience scaling who are passionate about the needs of news publishers, experienced in PHP, Javascript, and React, and eager to learn. You will frequently work to integrate third party products; comfort studying and implementing APIs is a must. 


We are also looking for people who:

  • Have experience working with and troubleshooting large, complex WordPress sites, making them faster, more scalable, and fault-tolerant.
  • Have production experience with PHP, SQL,and JavaScript.
  • Are passionate about customer experience and success.
  • Are highly collaborative and love participating in code reviews and discussions about architecture, and/or design.
  • Are knowledgeable about systems architecture and understand design patterns and testability.  Experience with testing frameworks, performance and unit testing is very welcome.
  • Are thoughtful about product design, with good user experience instincts.
  • Are open and able to travel at least 2-3 weeks per year to meet up with your teammates in person (when that’s once more an option).


Extra credit:

  • Interest and experience working in the world of journalism.
  • Experience with React.
  • Experience working with and developing for AMP.
  • Experience implementing advanced digital advertising solutions. 
  • Open source contributions or contributions to programs designed to help underrepresented people enter the tech field.
  • Data analysis experience, and understanding of how analytics can help with product decisions.
  • Knowledge of tooling and build systems.



  • We’re kind to each other and our users – we strive to build a positive, supportive, and inclusive culture of cohesive teams focused on delivering value to our customers.
  • We work as a global and distributed workforce resulting in a unique way of working built around our creed.
  • We offer flexible work arrangements allowing our team members to work when they feel best.
  • We open-source! We’re cool with open-sourcing everything except passwords, or secret keys.
  • We ship often, deploying many times daily with the help of peer code review, continuous integration, and our global workforce.

We prioritise our employees’ growth. Here are some areas in which you can grow and have further impact in the future at the company:

  • Leadership – we offer a variety of leadership options to those who have interest, including becoming a team lead and managing releases.
  • Learning and development – we have a generous personal development budget and encourage you to grow your skills through courses, books and conferences.
  • Architecture – we encourage developers to develop expertise in the systems they work with, guide their evolution and mentor other developers working on them.
  • Engineering effectiveness – we believe in helping other developers become more effective through tools, practices, cross-team collaborations, and process improvements.

Curious who works in engineering at Automattic? Meet our Code Wranglers – Brandon, Jeremy, Mark, Jennifer, Roy and Kat!


We know applying to jobs can be stressful and we want to ease the stress by giving clear expectations upfront about our process. We’ve outlined everything you need to know here including all of the steps in the process as well as how we approach hiring. We’re always iterating so if you happen to join us in the process, please feel free to offer feedback on what else we can include there!

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Automattic

We’re improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech industry. At Automattic, we want people to love their work and show respect and empathy to all. We welcome differences and strive to increase participation from traditionally underrepresented groups. Our DEI committee involves Automatticians across the company and drives grassroots change. For example, this group has helped facilitate private online spaces for affiliated Automatticians to gather and helps run a monthly DEI People Lab series for further learning. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is a priority at Automattic, though our dedication influences far more than just Automatticians: We make our products freely available and translate our products into and offer customer support in numerous languages. We require unconscious bias training for our hiring teams and ensure our products are accessible across different bandwidths and devices. Learn more about our dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our Employee Resource Groups.

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