Arcesium LLC

Company Overview
Arcesium is a global financial technology firm that solves complex data-driven challenges faced by some of the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions. We constantly innovate our platform and capabilities to meet tomorrow’s challenges, anticipate the risks our clients encounter, and design advanced solutions to help our clients achieve transformational business outcomes.   


Financial technology is a high-growth industry as change and innovation continue to disrupt the status-quo and prompt major transformation. Arcesium is at a particularly interesting time in our own growth as we look to leverage our successfully established market position and expand operations in pursuit of strategic new business opportunities. We value intellectual curiosity, proactive ownership, and collaboration with colleagues, and we empower you to meaningfully contribute from day one and accelerate your professional development.


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Current Job Openings

Client and Partner Development

Forward Deployed Solution Architecture


Sales Operations & Enablement


Manager - OD
Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurugram
Senior Lead , Project Manager / Business Strategy
Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurugram

Financial Operations

Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurugram
Analyst - FIA

Trade Accounting & Operations


Product Lead - Product Management Group
Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurugram
Product Manager - Product Management Group
Hyderabad, Bangalore & Gurugram


Engineering Manager - PSRE
Hyderabad, Bangalore
Lead Engineer
Principal Engineer
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gurugram
Principal Engineer - PSRE
Hyderabad, Bangalore
Senior Principal Engineer
Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram