Antora Energy

At Antora, we’re on a mission to stop climate change. And we can’t do that unless we tackle the 30% of global emissions that come from industry.

Antora is unlocking zero-emissions industrial energy, cheaper than fossil fuels. Antora’s thermal batteries store energy from renewables as heat for days on end, delivering that stored energy as heat and power at the scale and temperatures that large industrial operations demand. We’re on a path to eliminate gigatons of emissions while strengthening domestic manufacturing, curbing industrial air pollution, and enhancing America’s clean energy leadership.

We are growing our company with people who put team and mission first, value connection through laughter and joy, and build with humility and openness. We are committed to continue building a diverse, passionate, and creative team dedicated to a future where every industrial facility, everywhere on earth, is powered by abundant, low-cost, zero-emissions energy.

Current Job Openings


Product Manager
San Jose, CA


Corporate Controller
San Jose, CA

Government Affairs

Heat to Power

Manufacturing Operations


Head of Projects
San Jose, CA

Product Development

Electrical Engineer
San Jose, CA
Sr. Process Engineer
San Jose, CA
Sr. Project Engineer
San Jose, CA
Sr. R&D Test Engineer
San Jose, CA