Antora Energy

Antora Energy is electrifying heavy industry with zero-carbon heat and power. We make it possible and profitable to fully rely on renewable energy for industrial processes. 

Antora Energy's thermal energy storage soaks up excess solar and wind electricity and uses it to heat blocks of carbon so they glow like inside a toaster. This thermal energy is then delivered to customers as electricity or industrial process heat up to 1500°C, on demand. In short, Antora Energy turns sunshine and wind into 24/7 heat and power, cheaper than fossil fuels. 

Our future hinges on heavy industry. Antora Energy’s technology eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels for industrial heat and power, the biggest source of greenhouse gasses on earth. 

We are growing our company with people who put team and mission first, value connection through laughter and joy, and build with humility and openness. Join our team and do the most fulfilling and impactful work of your life on climate change.

*Notice: Antora Energy does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters or staffing agencies. If your company would like to be considered for our list of approved recruiting partners, please send an email to with your company information and areas of specialty.

Current Job Openings

Manufacturing Operations

Head of Manufacturing
San Jose, CA

People Operations

Product Development

Contract Plant Operator 2
San Joaquin, CA
Project Engineer
San Jose, CA
R&D Test Engineer
San Jose, CA
Sr. Modeling Engineer
San Jose, CA
Sr. Systems Engineer
San Jose, CA.


Module Test Technician
Sunnyvale, CA