Provides a “snapshot” or the main purpose of the job, consisting of no more than three to five sentences. The job summary should provide enough information to differentiate the major function and activities of the job from those of other jobs. The job summary should start with an action word, then explain the job’s requirement and if necessary explain the why or the how of the job.

The Central and Western Kansas Field Organizer builds and maintains volunteer capacity to help achieve the ACLU of Kansas short and long term strategic objectives. Focusing on several counties at a time, in Central and Western Kansas, the Field Organizer builds an active base of community advocates who can be mobilized to participate in actions such as meetings, rallies, hearings, and delegations; and contribute to the creation of a volunteer leadership development process that empowers their communities. The Central and Western Kansas Field Organizer builds and maintains relationships, throughout the state, with organizations working on issues related to reducing incarceration and increasing citizen participation in voting. The Central and Western Kansas Field Organizer works in conjunction with other Field Organizers to move forward the issue based and/or electorally focused field-elements of one of the Smart Justice and Citizen Participation plans.

• Position reports to: Field Director
• Manager or Non-Manager Role: Non-Manager
o Manager = has authority to hire, develop, appraise, discipline, approve time and attendance for subordinates, and/or is the director of a department
o Team Leader = guides certain tasks, trains others, participate in departmental organization
o Non-Manager = no oversight or accountability for others, an individual contributor
• Manages the following employees:
o May occasionally supervise interns and/or contract canvassers
• Internal and External: Enter a summary of internal and external engagement that is necessary for success in this position. Example: has regular contact with departments, employee, and managers at all levels of the internal organizations. Manages coalition and volunteer relationships and contact.
o The Field Organizer manages volunteer engagement, as well as developing volunteer leaders who will carry out the goals of the campaign; including supporting those volunteers when they occasionally interface with elected officials.
o Co-manages the relevant Coalition
o Has regular contact with fellow Field Department staff
o Has regular contact with all affiliate staff.
• Budget Authority: List this positions budget authority. If none, enter none.
o None
• Influence: Describe areas of organizational influence here. For example: has influence over the formulation of organizational policy and contractual obligations.
o Has some influence over field and wider campaign strategy
o Influence on department procedures and policies

Minimally Required
Identify those items that are minimally required to perform the essential duties of the role.

Preferred or Specialized
These are not required to perform the basic functions of the role, but may be helpful in excelling at the position.

Demonstrated learnings (e.g. able to translate strategy to action, communicate at all levels of organization, work effectively in ambiguous situation, proven track record of increasing customer base).

 Has strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships

 Willingness to interface with community members
 Able to work effectively on a team.
 Able to translate strategy into action
 Ability to develop local leaders.
 Passionate about the relevant issue
 Good written and oral communication skills with the ability to effectively speak in public.
 Ability to legally drive.
 Ability to respectfully communicate with co-workers and work within integrated advocacy model  Ability to work independently.
 Able to manage multiple tasks/projects at once
 Demonstrated track record of developing volunteers into leaders.
 Demonstrated track record of developing a grassroots and racially diverse base.
 Ability to understand or learn policies relevant to the issue.
 Ability to mobilize people for actions & events.
Formal education (e.g. High School Diploma, Bachelor’s degree, licenses and/or other certifications. High school diploma or its equivalent in education and/or experience (GED not required). Basic High School level writing and math skills are required.

 Certificate of Completion of Organizing Training (i.e. Midwest Academy, IAF, PICO, People’s Action, Union, others)
Type and number of years of directly related work and/or life experience.  Some exposure to volunteer work or organizing
 At least two years of organizing work, including non-paid time.

Minimally Required Preferred or Specialized
Commonly known principles required for this field of work (e.g. generally accepted accounting standards for Finance Director)

 Background in social justice, student organizing, community organizing, electoral organizing or union organizing.
 Understands through experience how to run an organizing campaign.
 Basic understanding of how government functions  Strategy Planning Background
 Knowledge of Kansas political landscape
 Knowledge about the relevant issue.
 Basic understanding of power, privilege and racism.

Measurable learnings (e.g. Can perform at an Intermediate level of Excel and Word, advanced knowledge of volunteer management, etc.)  Can perform at a basic level of Word, Excel and Email
 Some Experience with volunteer management databases and/or VAN
 Driver’s License  Campaign planning and execution skills
 Spanish language skills a plus

Approximate % of overall time spent on this task Description of Duties
Describe essential functions first. Generally, do not include if less than 5% of the work time is spent on this duty (unless it is an essential function). Be specific without giving explicit instructions to perform the tasks. Use accurate adjective and focus on what is required of the job and not the incumbent. Do not include subjective terms, abbreviations or technical jargon. Do not include duties that would be performed in the future, should the job evolve. Duties should be action oriented and avoid vague or general statements.
25% Base Building through statewide outreach to potential volunteers
• Plan and recruit for ACLU outreach events throughout Kansas in established, and some new, counties; including educating new and potential volunteers about the issues and policy solutions.
• One on one meetings with potential supporters, volunteers, and donors to assess where they fit into campaign and to build relationships.
• Community based outreach to populations directly impacted by the relevant issue.
20% Leadership development and volunteer management
• One on one meetings with volunteer leaders to build relationships, offer individualized strategic and skills trainings, and manage their campaign activities.
• Plan, recruit for, and execute leadership development training's.
20% Volunteer mobilization
• Educate volunteers on the relevant issue, its current state in Kansas and and the role of social and structural constructs.
• Plan, recruit for, and execute volunteer events
• Mobilize volunteers to action
15% Coalition development and management
• Build and maintain strategic relationships with partner organizations that share our goals.
• Identify new potential coalition partners.
• Facilitate relationships and build joint strategy between coalition members with the regular support of the Field Director
• Plan, recruit for, and execute quarterly coalition meetings
• Plan, coordinate and manage coalition events and action items
15% Campaign strategy
• Participates in statewide campaign strategy development including occasional power mapping in conjunction with the Field Director
• Plan statewide field tactics that engage volunteers, coalition members, and stakeholders in order to achieve campaign goals
• In collaboration with Field Director conduct volunteer and leadership analysis and regularly reassess progress towards goals.
5% Database management
• Volunteer data management including creating events in multiple databases, documenting attendees and actions steps in those databases

Working Conditions
Physical Requirements This job is primarily sedentary work which requires extended periods of sitting and/or standing in an office setting.
This job requires standing, sitting, and walking for the purposes of outreach in outdoor settings.
This job requires extended periods of driving, up to 8 hours at a time (but more often 2 – 3 hours).

Evening and weekend hours are required on a regular basis which may cause a work day to exceed 8 hours. Flex hours may be used to achieve, on average, 40 hour work weeks.

This position requires ability to lift thirty pounds on regular basis, move tables, and put together light furniture. Reasonable accommodations will be made for applicants with physical limitations.
Travel Status Frequent travel within the state of Kansas.
Occasional travel within the United States

This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; and nothing in this herein restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.



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