Create a global justice-based ‘Solutions campaigning framework’ for

Summary is looking to engage a consultant to develop a campaigning framework that provides staff across our international organization with support and guidance on developing campaigns related to Solutions to the climate crisis. The scope of these campaigns includes campaigning for renewable energy systems, technologies and investments; policy or political campaigns that set the landscape for a just transition; and local campaigns that centre community development of and training on implementing Solutions.

The purpose of this campaigning framework will be to provide a common definition for's diverse range of Solutions campaigns, as well as a set of guidelines and recommendations on potential advocacy plans, campaigning approaches, targets and calls to action to support and connect Solutions campaigning across


There is increasing appetite within to set a container and direction for our Solutions work, with a guiding framework, a common definition and recommendations on how can add value to the movement’s landscape of solutions campaigning, to connect and inform the Solutions campaigning that is now proliferating across the organisation.

We have previously hired a consultant (in 2018) to create an organisational ‘Solutions do’s and don’ts’ internal document, which needs refreshing and updating and can help form the basis of this framework.

The Global Campaigns Team at is therefore looking for a consultant to further develop this work and create a global Solutions campaigning framework for

Subject of this project

The focus of this project brief is a global Solutions campaigning framework for This will involve creating a framework for's campaigners to use as they develop Solutions campaigns.

This framework could also potentially include external, movement-facing pieces: for example, guidance on an approach to a local campaigning model within the Solutions frame, that can be offered out for use by our partners and the broader climate movement.

Desired outcomes

This project’s priority objective: to provide staff with guidance and recommendations to inform our decisions on developing Solutions campaigns across different regions and at the global level, offering a common framework to ensure a fundamental thread of continuity and adherence to a shared set of guidelines on our Solutions campaigning across the organization.

We are also looking to understand what solutions campaigning is already happening in the regions where we work (including Africa, Asia, Latin America, Pacific as well as Europe and North America) and how we can add specific value as, ensuring close alignment to our purpose and values as we continue to develop our Solutions work.

With this framework and information, we look to chart's role in driving forward a clear path towards a Just Transition (i.e. and develop strong, aligned Solutions campaigning across the organisation.

Project deliverables

The consultant(s) will deliver:

  • A compilation of recommendations and guidelines on Solutions campaigning (re: technological and policy related solutions) to the climate crisis, designed in consultation with key stakeholders across as well as external experts;
  • Well-documented research benchmarking Solutions campaigning within the climate movement, identifying's value add in this area of campaigning, with clear recommendations;
  • A campaigning framework that helps campaigners identify potential strengths, pitfalls and considerations as they develop Solutions campaigns across regions as well as at the global level, and provides a common set of guidelines and recommendations for this work.

The deliverables will clearly outline what was considered, what criteria were applied, what were the findings and what the consultant’s (consultants’) recommendations are.

Project timeline

Final deliverables should be submitted no later than 17 December 2021. Deadlines are negotiable depending on availability.

Role: this is an independent contractor role from October through December, 2021.
Application Deadline: This role is open for bids until filled, or the contracting manager determines that they can no longer accept applications.
Brief begins: October 2021
Fee: We would like to invite interested consultants to submit a simple offer, outlining the number of hours or days they foresee for this work, their hourly or daily rate, and the total price for their services.
Location: This is a remote role and therefore can be based anywhere.

Application Information
Please pitch for this role by going to and clicking the name of the role. You will be directed to the application page. points of contact: Agnes Hall (Campaigns Director)


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