Do you want to help improve the safety of air travel?
Do you want to be sure that your neighbour’s pacemaker won’t suffer a kernel panic?
Do you hate it when your software crashes in the middle of a video call with some cute someone? 
Do you believe that the quality of our lives depends on correct and efficient software?
Join us.

So far, Codility has tested 900K+ software engineers for Samsung, Square, TripAdvisor, Harvard, MIT and 1000+ other businesses worldwide. This is just the beginning, and there are only 23 of us! Our story began in China, where Greg, our founder, wrote a tool to help his team screen candidates for technical interviews. This idea evolved into a startup that helps legions of engineers to recruit and be recruited in a merit-based, efficient and enjoyable way.

Your role
You will work in a small team of excellent programmers to implement new features and refactor mercilessly. You will work on our core technologies, which include self-improving test sets, programming language translators, a secure execution sandbox, elastic pricing models and fuzzy code comparison, as well as on new ideas. You will be responsible for writing well-structured code that is fun to work with, both for yourself and for others.

You are smart and get things done. Also:
* You can code blindfolded in at least one imperative programming language (we don’t care which)
* You learn fast (in particular, we’ll need you up to speed in Python in two weeks from day one)
* You understand computer science
* You are brave about attacking complex problems
* You thrive in a startup environment
* You are curious and driven.
Experience with programming contests (IOI, ACM-ICPC, TopCoder…) gives you extra up-votes.

Warsaw and our office
Warsaw University’s Institute of Informatics (MIMUW) is a top-notch CS faculty worldwide. It hosted ACM-ICPC 2012 and is alma mater to world champions in programming and a third of our team. 
The city of Warsaw is a booming cosmopolitan wannabe with a cool startup scene.
We work hard, get challenged every day and learn a great deal.
We go out to cool places, eat well and have lots of fun together.
We often have guests and people in co-working, so there are extra brains and inspiration to grab.
One floor below our office, a yoga school emanates peace and energy. The latter is harvested by mysterious installations at Warsaw Hackerspace, which occupies a dungeon in the basement.

You can also check us out :)

* relocation assistance
* hardware and software of your choice
* books, conferences and mentors to help you grow
* private medical insurance.

Convince us with
* a 1-page Resume
* a note telling us why a start-up job attracts you; three things you (dis)like about Codility; and what your greatest challenge has been to date.
(No generic Cover Letters, please.)

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