One third of the world’s food goes to waste. Which means all the water, energy, and greenhouse gases used to produce that food is wasted with it. This is a problem with a $990 billion price tag for the food industry and an even bigger one for the planet. But we believe the solution is simple.

What if we could eliminate waste by better balancing the supply and demand of food?

Zume uses predictive analytics and real-time food consumption data to predict customer demand, match it with production, and enable food companies to make smarter decisions across the food supply chain. Here’s how it works:

Zume Forward makes this data actionable, with mobile kitchens, connected appliances and predictive analytics that enable food brands to expand operations closer to customer demand and use resources more efficiently.

Zume Source brings data to the supply chain, creating smarter and more sustainable methods for how food is grown, produced and delivered, including 100% compostable fiber-molded packaging that, at scale, is more affordable than paper or plastic.

And Zume Culinary ensures that quality never suffers by elevating hospitality throughout the delivery experience with menu design, advanced commissary techniques and process automation.

We’re tackling some of the world’s biggest problems, and we need your help to solve them. If you want to take on something different in your career, we’d love to meet you.

Current Job Openings at Zume Inc.

Culinary & Commissary

Director, Culinary Operations
San Francisco or Los Angeles


Controls Engineer
Camarillo, CA
Controls Engineer
Mesquite TX
Data Governance Manager
Seattle, WA, Mountain View, CA
Mechanical Design Drafter
Mountain View, CA
Production Technician
Camarillo, CA
R&D Sr Electrical Engineer
Mountain View, CA
SAP MII Sr. Manager-Architect
Mountain View, CA or San Francisco, CA
Technical Project Manager - IT
Mountain View, San Francisco, Seattle
Technical Support Engineer
Mountain View, CA


Financial Systems Manager
Washington, D.C.; San Francisco, CA
Senior Accountant
Seattle, WA
Senior Project Management Business Analyst
Washington, D.C.; San Francisco, CA


Legal Coordinator
Seattle, WA


Director of Procurement
Open to all locations
Director of Tooling - Packaging
Camarillo, CA Los Angeles, CA, Remote
Innovation & Development Project Manager
Camarillo, CA, Los Angeles, CA
Logistics Analyst
Camarillo, CA; San Francisco, CA; Mountain View, CA; Seattle, WA; Remote
Packaging Engineer
Mumbai, India
People Manager
Mumbai, India
Plant Manager
Plant Technician
Camarillo, CA
Raw Material Procurement Manager
Remote, San Francisco, CA; Mountain View, CA; Seattle, WA
Shift Manager
Supply Planning Analyst
Remote, San Francisco, CA; Mountain View, CA; Seattle, WA
Tooling Mold Designer
Camarillo, CA or Los Angeles, CA
Tooling Procurement Manager
Remote, San Francisco, CA; Mountain View, CA; Seattle, WA