SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is a core channel at ZIZOO. The ultimate boat vacation booking platform. With data-based initiatives, SEO supports and proactively pushes the organization towards a better performance in Google. The goal is organic search traffic growth, search brand recognition, and conversion growth.

SEO at ZIZOO works scaleable and clever. In the end, everything we do needs to scale to multiple languages in multiple markets. Must provide value to an ever-growing number of pages and users. Simple solutions are better than complicated ones.

We are the next big thing in travel!

We’re looking for a SEO Growth Project Manager, that enjoys teamwork with a get-things-done attitude and a passion for data analysis, to join our unbelievably motivated marketing team. 


  • You will work together with Franz Enzenhofer, Author of "Understanding SEO" until you can take over his job

  • You will plan and outline the SEO strategy for years to come.

  • You will learn the ins and outs of scalable SEO.

  • You will use Google Analytics and Google Search Console (and other Google Data) to create, push, and manage SEO initiatives with the Marketing, Content, and Development teams at ZIZOO.

  • You will create high-quality initiatives and assure their delivery.

  • You will work hands-on and creative on Click-Through and Conversion projects.

    To say it clearly, we are more looking for a data person or project person to learn and become an awesome SEO. Not necessarily an SEO who wants to become an awesome SEO. If you are already awesome with data, project management, and SEO, you can apply of course, too.

    The position is in Berlin, 32h to 40h. The part-time remote is possible.


What are we looking for:

  • Previous SEO Knowledge not necessarily needed.

  • You have a project experience, as a project manager or product manager. Have led a web project from 0 to launch and beyond

  • You have a good grasp of data and extracting actionable from huge amounts of ever-growing data seas.[1]

  • Above-average understanding of Google Analytics.

  • Some experience Google Search Console.

  • Google Spreadsheets / Excel are your BFFs

  • Jira, Scrum, Sprints, Kanban ... you know what these mean and have worked with one or the other before. You will work a lot with epics, stories, issues, tickets.

  • Good understanding of how webpages work.

  • Ready to learn a lot and on your own - by reading Google specifications. You will need to do this a lot.

  • A fast learner and ambitious.

  • Focus! You are damn focused on your OKRs.

  • Communicate. You communicate your opinions and stand your ground.

  • Ideally fluent in at least 2 of these languages: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish.

    [1] If you are awesome with data and have massive experience there, but not much project experience, please apply anyway. ZIZOO ❤️ Data!

  • What are we NOT looking for:*

  • We are not looking for people who say things like: "It's all about backlinks. Content is King! Let's read more SEO Blogs."


  • A transparent data-driven environment where good ideas flourish. Got a good idea? We’ll test it!
  • The opportunity to experiment with new technologies
  • An opportunity to work in one of Europe's trending startups
  • Quarterly team-building events in Berlin
  • An annual sailing holiday for the whole team
  • Professional training budget
  • And, of course, boat holiday discounts!

To apply please email us your CV to, with the Subject Line "ZIZOO-SEO Growth Project Manager"

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