Zitara Technologies, Inc.

At Zitara, we’ve learned so much these past 4 years working with countless batteries in wildly diverse applications. We’ve worked with household names deploying, owning, or operating gigawatt-hour grid batteries, electric vehicles, and even satellites.

Across our customers, one thing has been clear: battery manufacturers don’t give you the information you need to predict performance across age and use-case. Existing BMS software just doesn’t fill the gaps to safely and profitably deploy battery systems that last for years and even decades.

Until now.

We’re thrilled to announce Zitara Studio and Zitara Live, powerful software to help you understand, manage, and maximize your batteries. Learn more in our video or visit www.zitara.com.

Work with batteries? Work with Zitara.

Current Job Openings

Customer Success

Field Applications Engineer
San Francisco, Ca



Battery Lab Manager
San Francisco, CA
Battery Lab Technician
San Francisco, CA
Battery Test Engineer
San Francisco, Ca


Sales & Marketing

Sales Engineer
San Francisco, Ca

Software Engineer

BMS Algorithms Engineer
San Francisco, CA
Senior Software Engineer | Embedded Systems
San Francisco, CA / Remote / Hybrid
Staff Software Engineer | Embedded Systems
San Francisco, CA / Remote / Hybrid