About Zilingo

Zilingo is making the fashion supply chain Fair, Connected and Transparent using Technology, Data and Financial Services. We are working to improve the entire supply chain for fashion, from the cotton farm to the closet. Our business model has three main pillars: Commerce, Services and Sustainability. 

  • Commerce. We operate a global technology-enabled sourcing business, and the largest B2B marketplace for fashion in South and Southeast Asia, which connects yarn mills, fabric mills, factories, brands and merchants through a discovery and transaction platform.
  • Services (Saas, MaaS, Fintech). We develop and deploy Software as a Service to factories and brands to help improve operational efficiency; help brands and factories enhance branding Marketing as a Service; and use technology to connect makers and merchants with access to working capital.
  • Sustainability. We provide brands with transparency into the sustainability of their supply chain. We also bring sustainable fabric and are launching a Sustainability Fund which enables factories to improve sustainability with investment.

More about MaaS:

Zilingo Marketing Services (MaaS)- Zilingo Marketing Services was launched in November 2019, with the vision of providing full-stack marketing solutions to SMEs, Offline Retailers & Manufacturers across South East Asia, through a no-nonsense approach without the typical frills (rd. timelines, bloated budget & inefficiencies) of a high ticket agency.

10 months later, we’ve amplified awareness & sales for over 1,200 clients across Indonesia, Thailand, India & Philippines using our in-house experts, Z-owned studios in Thailand & Indonesia, a global network of freelancers, consultants and AI-driven tools. Our clients include Grab Indonesia, Panasonic, HP, Jaspal Thailand, DHL Southeast Asia.

Our services span 4 core brand & marketing solutions--  a. cataloguing & short-form content production; b. graphic design; c. social media content & strategy; d. performance marketing.

Job Scope:

Zilingo is currently looking for a Regional Enterprise Sales Lead that can bring in major regional deals, but also facilitate enterprise deals locally when needed.

What will you be doing?

  • Identify MaaS business opportunities by identifying prospects, undertaking outreach & across potential key accounts and big ticket clients across the SEA region
  • Manage, and be accountable for monthly revenue targets- ensuring MoM growth in business topline & bottomline.
  • Network with key stakeholders across leading online/offline retailers (fashion/non-fashion), to seed collaborations & sell.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with clients by providing support, information and guidance in terms of both, Zilingo Marketing Services as well as the entire Zilingo Product/Service stack where applicable.
  • Achieving sales that can give gain and growth to the global Zilingo business.
  • Own and strengthen relationships from executive C/B-level down to specific account teams with both delivery, and sales teams
  • Track corporate needs in the market for development of future products/services.
  • Create and maintain regular communication to buyers & key partners effectively and efficiently through means of mass communication and eCRM software
  • Enjoy the autonomy and trust we give you to build processes and structures that make our business great.

What will you need?

  • Bachelor's Degree in any related field.
  • 6+ years of Marketing and sales experience and familiarity with the content production, digital marketing or social media marketing.
  • Experience in key account/client/stakeholder management- either ex-industry or as a client servicing representative in an agency
  • Strong sales network across SEA and preferably Singapore.
  • A positive attitude, with a passion for sales networking and business growth
  • Strong negotiation and communication skills
  • Strong analytical attitude
  • Experience working independently and delivering projects in a timely manner
  • Dynamic and flexible with ability to work in emerging markets
  • Excellent in problem solving and critical thinking
  • Ability to be flexible, agile and thrive in chaos


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