About Zilingo

Zilingo is making the fashion supply chain Fair, Connected and Transparent using Technology, Data and Financial Services. We are working to improve the entire supply chain for fashion, from the cotton farm to the closet. Our business model has three main pillars: Commerce, Services and Sustainability. 

  • Commerce. We operate a global technology-enabled sourcing business, and the largest B2B marketplace for fashion in South and Southeast Asia, which connects yarn mills, fabric mills, factories, brands and merchants through a discovery and transaction platform.
  • Services (Saas, MaaS, Fintech). We develop and deploy Software as a Service to factories and brands to help improve operational efficiency; help brands and factories enhance branding Marketing as a Service; and use technology to connect makers and merchants with access to working capital.
  • Sustainability. We provide brands with transparency into the sustainability of their supply chain. We also bring sustainable fabric and are launching a Sustainability Fund which enables factories to improve sustainability with investment.

More about MaaS:

Zilingo Marketing Services (MaaS)- Zilingo Marketing Services was launched in November 2019, with the vision of providing full-stack marketing solutions to SMEs, Offline Retailers & Manufacturers across South East Asia, through a no-nonsense approach without the typical frills (rd. timelines, bloated budget & inefficiencies) of a high ticket agency.

10 months later, we’ve amplified awareness & sales for over 1,200 clients across Indonesia, Thailand, India & Philippines using our in-house experts, Z-owned studios in Thailand & Indonesia, a global network of freelancers, consultants and AI-driven tools. Our clients include Grab Indonesia, Panasonic, HP, Jaspal Thailand, DHL Southeast Asia.

Our services span 4 core brand & marketing solutions--  a. cataloguing & short-form content production; b. graphic design; c. social media content & strategy; d. performance marketing.


  • Must be able to approach medium to large size companies in order to offer our marketing services. 
  • To develop a strong understanding of the products, competition, industry, marketing goals and objectives of each campaign/project
  • To set up and monitor campaigns across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google etc., in line with the corporate/campaign goals and objectives
  • To manage budgets in line with the target KPIs and strategies
  • To measure the effectiveness of the campaigns across your assigned accounts by using a variety of in-house, proprietorial, and third-party tools to compile and draw insight from both company-specific, sector-specific and generic industry data, in order to better understand campaign performance, market trends, and consumer behavior
  • To carry out daily optimization for a number of assigned on-going accounts
  • To produce regular reports containing informative descriptions of campaign activity, suitable advice and recommendations with a clear summary of performance against the KPIs
  • To present biddable plans and reports to clients
  • To work closely with various departments to ensure that each campaign is kept up-to-speed with progress and results


  • Have an excellent customer service skills - be patient, stay positive and put extra effort to double down on customer satisfaction 
  • Persuasion Skills - able to convince prospects that we can provide the best  solutions for their business at reasonable price
  • Time management - able to stay calm under pressure whilst working quickly and delivering to tight deadlines
  • Want to take ownership - be the owner of every projects you handle
  • Be a problem solver – able to offer solutions for a variety of requests from clients in timely manner
  • Teamwork - able to work well with others and assist your team member


  • BA/BS Degree in Business Administration / Marketing or related field.
  • Blend of experience in Biddable Media and Sales will be an advantage.
  • Needs to possess strong Marketing Background along with a strong business acumen (Sales experience will be a plus but is not mandatory)
  • Fluent in Thai & English is a must.
  • 2-3 years of working experience including Marketing & Biddable Media.

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