About Zilingo

Zilingo is making the fashion supply chain Fair, Connected and Transparent using Technology, Data and Financial Services. We are working to improve the entire supply chain for fashion, from the cotton farm to the closet. Our business model has three main pillars: Commerce, Services and Sustainability. 

  • Commerce. We operate a global technology-enabled sourcing business, and the largest B2B marketplace for fashion in South and Southeast Asia, which connects yarn mills, fabric mills, factories, brands and merchants through a discovery and transaction platform.
  • Services (Saas, MaaS, Fintech). We develop and deploy Software as a Service to factories and brands to help improve operational efficiency; help brands and factories enhance branding Marketing as a Service; and use technology to connect makers and merchants with access to working capital.
  • Sustainability. We provide brands with transparency into the sustainability of their supply chain. We also bring sustainable fabric and are launching a Sustainability Fund which enables factories to improve sustainability with investment.

Job Overview

  • Improve Zilingo’s business effectiveness by analyzing its existing business models and practices.
  • Post assessment, create solutions to help the company more efficiently meet its goals.


Driving Overall Business Effectiveness

  • Partner with executive management team to assess and improve current business processes
  • Define problems concisely and hypothesize proposed solutions
  • Establish methods for testing business models and create reports to monitor effectiveness
  • Work closely with key customers to keep them updated on process changes designed to improve service
  • Submit regular reports to management team about company health and new initiatives in progress

Driving Projects

  • Plan, organize and manage business projects
  • Work on projects related to budgeting, fund raising, promotional campaigns etc.
  • Perform initial assessments before strategic business projects are initiated
  • Constantly recommend solutions for improvement
  • Develop detailed business plans 
  • Determine the project's KPIs
  • Track KPIs and prepare reports

Must haves for this position

  • Masters in business management
  • 5+ years of business consulting experience
  • Advanced working knowledge of the Microsoft Suite, specifically Excel and PowerPoint
  • Well-developed industry expertise (preferred industries: eCommerce, financial services, consumer products, fashion, etc.)
  • Ability to lead teams with a sound work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and exceptional client service
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong story telling skills

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