As the Zeplin crew, we’re building an app used by tens of thousands of product teams daily. While creating a common language for our fellow designers and developers, we care deeply about building a product that delights them.

Sr. Product Manager

As one of the first Product Managers at Zeplin, you’ll be involved with most of the products we're working on! You’ll take part in different types of product work, all the way from developing our product strategy and roadmap to improving our product development processes; working directly with Engineering and Design teams as well as Customer Support, Customer Success and Marketing.


  • Developing product strategy and roadmap based on user needs and strategic opportunities
  • Owning products end-to-end: Writing briefs, driving cross-functional execution, educating and collaborating with Customer Support, Customer Success and Marketing teams, frequently communicating insights with the company
  • Being the voice of the user within the company through research and regular interaction with users
  • Helping shape the product development workflow, improving how product managers, designers and engineers all work together
  • Responding to daily questions and feedback from users


  • Experience in a Product Management role
  • Engineering background and/or advanced knowledge of CS engineering
  • Strong problem solving ability, making trade-offs to maximize user value with the least amount of work
  • Strong sense of design, ability to own important user interactions with attention to detail
  • Technical understanding of complex web and desktop app architectures
  • Excellent communication skills in written and spoken English
  • Experience in software or design space


About Zeplin
Zeplin is a connected space for product teams to share designs, generate specs, assets, and code snippets. We’ve reached over 4 million users from thousands of product teams, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Microsoft, and many more in just six years. We’re a Y Combinator startup backed by notable investors like Elad Gil, Mike Maples, Kevin Hale. We’re a small, distributed crew with offices in San Francisco, Istanbul, and London, UK.

Zeplin started as one piece of the product development cycle. And now designers and engineers interact at every point, from idea to production. Our goal is to help with all the issues that product teams might face in this process.

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