As the Zeplin crew, we’re building an app used by tens of thousands of product teams daily. While creating a common language for our fellow designers and developers, we care deeply about building a product that delights them.

Customer Support Engineer
We care deeply about how we interact with our users, all the way from our onboarding process to sales. Big hugs to our community, as they’re the key factor to Zeplin’s growth! We always try to keep in touch, understand, and categorize their feedback and react based on these insights.
As a Customer Support Engineer at Zeplin, you will share this responsibility with us and engage with our users!
  • Answering and troubleshooting daily questions, finding solutions to issues submitted via email and social media, while making sure to follow our brand culture. This might include sending how-to links, our blog posts or explaining how our pricing and plans work.
  • Understanding a user’s state of mind and reacting accordingly, like calming a stressed user down or sending a silly GIF when appropriate.
  • Investigating issues using design documents, logs, databases or the codebase & figure out the root causes.
  • Collecting insights, conveying them to the right people and helping the product team prioritize the roadmap.
  • Collaborating with other crews, sharing the knowledge and insights on ways to improve processes.
  • Supporting the go-to-market team on programs including events, partnerships, content creation and recruiting
Key Requirements
  • Knowledge of Zeplin and passion for the product
  • Clear and positive communication and collaboration skills in written and spoken English
  • Strong problem solving ability, seeking help from teammates to accomplish goals
Preferred (nice to have)
  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Experience with MongoDB
  • Experience with design tools (e.g. Sketch, Photoshop)
  • Experience with Web/Mobile development
  • Experience with Stripe
  • API knowledge
About Zeplin
Zeplin is a connected space for product teams to share designs, generate specs, assets, and code snippets. We’ve reached over 4 million users from thousands of product teams, including Airbnb, Dropbox, Pinterest, Microsoft, and many more in just six years. We’re a Y Combinator startup backed by notable investors like Elad Gil, Mike Maples, Kevin Hale. We’re a small, distributed crew with offices in San Francisco, Istanbul, and London, UK.

Zeplin started as one piece of the product development cycle. And now designers and engineers interact at every point, from idea to production. Our goal is to help with all the issues that product teams might face in this process.

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