YourPeople, Inc. (d/b/a Zenefits)

Senior Staff Engineer

Job Description:

Senior Staff Engineer positions offered by YourPeople, Inc. (d/b/a Zenefits) (San Francisco, CA). Manage distributed real-world transactions, perform querying over large data sets that encode various dimensions of date/time, manage complex business rules, and publish data-change notification events across the system to maintain data consistency. Lead the design, development, implementation and/or software testing for online health insurance broker and human resources software company. Lead engineering teams directly driven by business objectives. Communicate and discuss complex topics with technical and non-technical audiences.  Perform user interface analysis and design of web applications following Agile and Lean methodologies. Build a highly integrated platform and collaborate across various functions such as product management and design, as well as customer-facing operations and support teams for development work.


Minimum Requirements:

Requires a bachelor’s or foreign equivalent degree in computer engineering, mathematics, informatics or a related field and 2 years of experience in the position offered or 2 years of experience designing, developing, and validating customer-facing websites and mobile applications.  Also requires 2 years of experience: building responsive MVC-based web applications using Python Django framework and JavaScript-based client-side technologies including Ember, React, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which consume RESTful JSON web services within the healthcare and insurance domain; designing state machines to track customer behavior in a web application and offering custom content in response to varying customer states; designing algorithms to automate insurance related human resources functions through a web application and for insurance rate calculation curves and quoting; and designing and developing large scale systems, defined as a system which is self-correcting, controlled by business rules and metadata and coordinating a large amount of data or events.  To apply, please send resume to:


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