About Zeitworks:

Zeitworks is a Seattle-based venture-backed startup on a mission to streamline business process improvement and maximize human potential at work.

In every organization, teams are executing hundreds of repetitive business processes. Team members and business leaders alike want to improve these processes, but often cannot because they don’t have visibility into how these processes are actually performed.

Traditionally, the only way to discover and improve business processes has involved big projects, expensive consultants, intrusive over-the-shoulder observations, and countless meetings. The results are one-time snapshots of limited accuracy that take months to produce, and then are quickly out of date.

At Zeitworks, we use automated data collection and Machine Learning to automatically discover, analyze and improve an organization’s business processes with zero disruption, and provide business leaders with business insights in near real-time. Our disruptive technology and SaaS delivery model allow us to democratize process improvement by taking it directly to the leaders and team members that perform the work. With Zeitworks, companies can make improvements to upgrade their efficiency and their customer experience.

Zeitworks is led by successful startup veterans and executives and backed by leading venture capital investors Madrona Venture Group and Jazz Venture Partners.

Roles & Responsibilities

Every well-prepared startup should have its finger on the pulse of the dynamics of its market. There should be a deep understanding of the competitive landscape as well as future growth metrics (e.g. CAGR). New startups developing innovative and disruptive products should also be deeply in tune with the customer pain points, requirements, and potential adoption friction to help ensure there is alignment towards product-market-fit (PMF).

We are looking for a bright, curious, and tenacious individual to help us thoroughly collect and understand both market research and analysis data, and customer sentiment data collected through interviews and surveys. 


  • A business school student
    • Are facile at analyzing and manipulating data
  • Are interested in entrepreneurship and learning about the research methodology and data collection process required to build a narrative for raising investment capital
  • Excel at online research, compiling mountains of disparate facts and data points into detailed, cohesive narratives on market and customer dynamics
  • Fascinated by the complex and changing dynamics of different markets, sectors, and industries brought on by digital transformation

Your responsibilities:

  • Read/digest research reports from leading consulting firms (Gartner, McKinsey, E&Y, etc.) on process mining, RPA, BPM, and other industries related to Zeitwork’s business
  • Estimate TAM/SAM metrics 
  • Scour the web using search engines to find nascent/emerging competition and new products
  • Create quad charts and other visualizations that depict competitive differentiation along a variety of dimensions 
  • Create competitive product feature comparison grids
  • Prepare and refine lines of questioning for SMEs (subject matter experts)
  • Prepare and refine customer questionnaires and surveys 
  • Create an analysis from customer interview data that reveal insights into pain points, product demand, key features, willingness to pay, price sensitivity, etc.
  • Build a thesis on go-to-market (GTM) strategies, including wedge verticals or sectors

Zeitworks values inclusion and believes in diversity at all levels as this will enable us to best accomplish our mission. We aspire to be among the tech industry’s most inclusive work environments and are a proud equal opportunity employer. We are committed to providing equal opportunities without regards to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, age, sex, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, pregnancy or related medical conditions, disability status, marital status, or reservist/veteran status. 

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