Zanbato is looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to help lead our rapidly growing team. We are a closely-knit team of less than 20 people in Mountain View who wants to make private investment as efficient as possible.

We believe that we can build the best product with input from many perspectives and evidence from strong feedback cycles. Everyone is expected not only to excel in their own role but also to contribute across the team as well. Engineers make technical decisions but also suggest and discuss product ideas and user experience. By understanding our our mission and users, each person can contribute to a great experience in our product.


We are working on a varied set of tools to accommodate the entire investment workflow. Features to work on include forms to do away with long legal documents, analytics to measure engagement, a recommendation engine to find matching preferences, e-signatures, document sharing, and more. We are always trying out new technology and patterns to work efficiently in pulling together all of these tools into an integrated experience.

Software engineering is often a solitary pursuit, but we try to collaborate and learn from each other whenever possible. There is no typical day as tasks vary widely, but the process for a single feature is roughly:

  • coordinate with product to determine projects on a weekly basis
  • kickoff a feature with product and design to discuss the motivations
  • research then discuss the technical approach with another engineer 
  • write code. Our open office layout means help is only a shoulder tap away, but we’re generally quiet so we can stay focused
  • get code reviewed to ensure quality and constant learning from each other
  • run unit and integration tests and automated checkers via continuous integration to get quick feedback
  • deploy the code once a week into production

Skills & Requirements

Scaling our team requires us to change quickly, and we are looking for someone who:

  • has 2+ years of full-stack experience building web applications in a startup doubling or tripling in size and understands how an organization and codebase scales
  • takes ownership in code to build our web application. Our stack includes:
    • AWS
    • Postgres
    • Python / Django
    • JavaScript / jQuery / Knockout.js
    • HTML / CSS / LESS
  • researches with new technologies and can create frameworks for the engineering team to use
  • fosters a sense of craftsmanship within the team with good coding practices
  • works closely with other engineers to help them architect their code
  • can hire and mentor engineers to help them develop their skills as well
  • takes initiative in changes in our development process and team dynamic to balance between process and speed
  • always keeps the big picture in mind about how code will impact every other function on the team
  • wants to make life better and more fun for the people around them

About Zanbato

Our Mission

According to Forbes, there are currently more than 80 unicorns: private companies are becoming huge without IPOing to avoid the public market. Whether these valuations are justified or not, finance is moving quickly from public markets to private markets, and private market needs to adapt to this change.

The private investment process is slow and largely manual. Additionally, the market is fragmented and relies heavily on personal networks. At Zanbato, we are building tools to make a smooth, streamlined user experience for institutional investors. We believe technology can simplify workflows to get the right opportunities in front of investors. This frees them up to to get back to what they do best: getting capital to companies and projects that need it.

We are located in Mountain View and spend most of our (catered) lunch talking about what we just watched on the big or small screen, our favorite Dota 2 heroes, where to go surfing, or what coffee to make that afternoon.

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