Young Nails Inc.

Anaheim, California


Young Nails Inc., a dynamic leader in the professional nail care industry is looking for a Videographer/Editor Resident, a talented creative mind who comes with a strong vision for innovative storytelling and content creation, to join our growing company. The ideal candidate for this Videographer/Editor Resident position is a skilled videographer, naturally intuitive editor, and excellent content creator. You are a driven self-starter who is hyper-aware of current social media content trends. You are unafraid of taking up challenges on the spot and maintain a Get-It-Done mindset under pressure.  You are true collaborator with strong communication skills and have a deep understanding of the tools/resources needed to make great social content. Beyond the mechanics of content creation such as camerawork, shooting and fast-paced editing; the Videographer/Editor Resident should be devoted to professionalism in all things, fast and on-time delivery, highly organized, and be able to utilize the analytics to reframe creative for maximum connection and acquire new targets across all social platforms.


We are interested in hiring a talented videographer/editor/creator who can thrive within our fast-paced yet fun work environment and skillfully deliver, on a daily basis,  impactful creative and strategic content for multiple quick-turnaround projects/edits across all our social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Facebook/ Instagram stories, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube etc.)  Communicating via Social Media is second nature to you and you understand its immense value in dominating the ever-evolving online marketplace.

  • Ambition, drive, strong work ethic, plus a sense of humor
  • A positive attitude and natural ease towards teamwork 
  • Detail-oriented, smart, and quick on your feet
    • Highly organized and professional
    • Able to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Flexible, collaborative and willing to adapt to shifting priorities
  • Ability to initiate and drive projects to completion with minimal guidance
  • Expertise with the  Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Knowledge of best practices for video creation across various platforms
  • 3+ Years experience of content creation and posting on social
  • Experience in creating/filing/editing daily video content for social platforms
  • Ability to strategize and deliver impactful micro content for specific audiences and platforms
  • Experience in the executional ins and outs of creating video content for social platforms (sequence settings, key framing, captioning graphics)
  • Ability to analyze and optimize content performance for social handles
  • Able to work a full frame DSLR, manual settings, audio monitoring
  • Knowledge of cameras and camera equipment
  • Strong interpersonal skills to communicate effectively and comfortable asking for feedback
  • Demonstrates ability to problem solve creatively and keep project momentum moving forward
  • Relentless passion to improve, optimize, and evolve creative


    • Create and edit impactful social video content on a daily basis
    • Ability to film day in the life type videos and cut them down to 10-20 minutes 
    • Quickly and effectively identify moments worth creating and formatting for social content for a variety of brands and publications
    • Create a story in post production

Please note: Qualified applicants may be asked to perform a creative skill test. 



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