A Brief Word From Sid, Yembo's CEO & Co-Founder

Yembo started as a crazy idea by 2 AI engineers. But every pioneering innovation starts with a question. The question my co-founder and I had was, "Why do moving companies have to visit someone's home when almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket?" It's time consuming, inefficient, and expensive to visit someone's home, just to give them an estimate. My co-founder Zach knew this because his wife used to be a moving company coordinator.

There had to be a better way. And of course there was. AI-powered virtual home surveys would be faster, better, and more convenient. For the moving company and their customers. And so the 2 of us started on this adventure called Yembo. From our humble beginnings in the moving industry, to bringing our best-in-class AI product to the insurance industry - we're just getting started on our mission to drive digital transformation to home service companies.

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