Xsense.ai is developing full stack solutions for autonomous driving for next generation of transportation. We are still in stealth mode, but we are fully backed financially by a leading electrical vehicle auto OEM which gives us unique advantage of design input in production EV vehicles and direct path to commercialize our solution to the masses. We have assembled a team of best in class computer vision, localization, sensor fusion and deep learning engineers with significant experience in autonomous driving. We are focusing on bringing innovations to perception, sensor fusion and localization while utilizing low cost sensors, including Radar, camera, GNSS and IMU, to enable Level 3 autonomous driving in mass production vehicles in 2020. We are pushing the boundaries of deep learning, computer vision and signal processing/estimation with cutting edge research and development. We are focusing on the autonomous driving use cases, which we believe will change the entire landscape of the automotive industry within the next decade, and more importantly, fundamentally change the way we live. We are located in sunny San Diego, and looking for engineers who are passionate about autonomous vehicles to join in and help us in achieving this exciting mission. If you are excited about making significant contributions towards automotive industry transformation, please contact recruit@xsense.ai.

Current Job Openings


Perception - Machine Learning

Planning & Control

Behavior Planning Engineer
Mountain View, CA

Platform Software

Senior Software Engineer
Mountain View, CA

Sensor Fusion

Sensor Fusion Engineer
San Diego, CA


Simulation Engineer
Mountain View, CA