About the x.ai team

At x.ai you’ll have an opportunity to work with an inspiring group of highly intelligent, curious, and super-engaged people coming from all walks of life.  Our challenge is not easily tackled by mimicking technology that has come before us.  We are building something that’s never been built before, and that means the initiatives you’ll take on will push you to your limits.  But you’ll have a truly amazing team on your side.  Everyone on our team relishes our challenge, and helps each other and learns from each other.  If this excites you rather than intimidates you, come join us.

We feel like one of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our team.  We come from different countries, technical backgrounds, welcome teammates across the LGBTQ spectrum, have different personalities and perspectives, and we even employ a couple of non-human animals (Lumi and Rupert).  This diversity of background leads to diversity of thought, and we nurture it with conviction.  The women in our organization meet regularly to discuss issues concerning women in tech, and we have a monthly diversity group workshop to make sure we’re continuing to strengthen our team’s awareness, understanding and engagement with diversity.  We’ve had great success with people moving from all over the country to work with us, so if you’re thinking about moving to NYC, you won’t regret it!

About our challenge

At x.ai, we believe everyone deserves a helpful artificial intelligence assistant to give you back the hours spent in meeting scheduling ping-pong. We are building AI personal assistants (Amy and Andrew) that schedule meetings for you. This is a yet unsolved problem within AI, and a formidable technical challenge.

Our team has spent 4 years building the powerful, fundamental technology to allow us to solve the meeting scheduling problem. While we’ll always be working to make Amy and Andrew smarter, our next big challenge is scaling, to make them available to everyone in the world.

About You

You are an enthusiastic full stack developer with a keen eye for visual details as well as technical details.  You're capable of building and deploying all aspects of web applications: database management, api design, front end development and testing.  This position will be responsible for high touch points with our users and prospective users from the world at large, so creating technology to make our user experiences better, as well as working on initiatives to draw new users to our platform should both be exciting to you.

You’re humble, collaborative, can push and pull when discussing different approaches to solving problems and most of all, you care deeply about being part of a respectful group of engineers tackling a very difficult problem.


Full-stack developers at x.ai own the full lifecycle of building web applications, from system design to deployment.

  • Select those projects where your skills and interests will have the greatest impact and drive those projects to completion
  • Design, build, test, deliver, and operate web applications using the Angular framework, Node.js and Express
  • Participate in technical decision-making, helping to bring our technology stack into the future, and adding new technologies and frameworks when pragmatic and appropriate
  • Help lead our JavaScript practice, cultivating and instrumenting knowledge sharing about the state of the art in JavaScript programming among engineers and data scientists
  • Mentor colleagues, participate in pair programming and skill-building, and generally raise the level of web application development expertise across our tech team


  • You are a JavaScript expert. You have opinions about JavaScript frameworks, even if you don’t know ours.
  • You know backend programming in some language. We use Node.js, Scala, and Python (so experience in any of those is a bonus).
  • You have non-trivial database experience. We use MongoDB, so experience with a document database is ideal.
  • You’ve used some modern cloud infrastructure to deploy and operate applications. We use AWS and a Mesos stack using Docker.
  • Strong attention to visual and front end design, with strong HTML/CSS experience

Why x.ai?

  • Work with a team of amazing people
  • Tackle a problem not solved before
  • Self-managed and flexible paid time off - vacation & sick time
  • Healthcare: Medical, Dental, Vision
  • 401K
  • Gym membership (or activity equivalent) on us
  • Team outings, both near and far
  • Collaborative work spaces
  • Weekly catered team dinners and a steady flow of coffee & beer
  • Your own personal assistants, Amy and Andrew
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