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We're driven by a vision of a world where everyone enjoys economic freedom and wealth protection—regardless of where they live or who governs their country. This vision, originated by our Founder and Chairman, Wences Casares, has been transforming the banking landscape.

Diversity is at the core of our identity. We are a global, fully distributed team of over 140 dedicated professionals—Xapiens, as we call ourselves—working remotely across more than 40 countries. Our mission is to recruit the finest talent worldwide to realise our dream of changing the conventional ways of banking.

Our legacy and innovation

Xapo Bank has been at the forefront of Bitcoin innovation for over a decade.  We started by mastering Bitcoin custody, earning the reputation as the 'Fort Knox of Bitcoin.' As the industry evolved, so did we. Today, we empower people globally to use their Bitcoin securely, providing unparalleled growth opportunities.

Members can earn interest on their holdings, invest in U.S. stocks, and more. Moreover, as the first bank to integrate the Lightning Network, we offer our members the ability to send and spend Bitcoin with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

And unlike traditional banks, we do not engage in fractional reserve banking. This means we don’t lend out our members' funds, thus creating lower-risk yield opportunities, and allowing them to enjoy robust returns without sacrificing their freedom and flexibility.

Uncompromising security

Security is not just a feature at Xapo Bank; it is the foundation of everything we do. Our use of advanced MPC technology and physical bunkers means our members never have to worry about the risks associated with hardware loss or exchanges going bust overnight. With over half a trillion USD in Bitcoin irrecoverably lost or stolen across the industry, our commitment is to ensure the security of member assets. This makes us not just an alternative but an outright solution for long-term storage of large sums of Bitcoin, typically upward of BTC 100.

Regulation and trust

Headquartered in Gibraltar, Xapo Bank operates under stringent regulatory frameworks. We are authorised as a credit institution for fiat-related services and a Distributed Ledger Technology Provider for crypto services. Our robust legal and regulatory structures are designed to protect and guarantee member funds, shielding you from the turmoil seen in other financial platforms.

Thanks to our longevity and compliance record, we’ve established ourselves as a recognised beacon of trust for regulatory authorities. As a result, these authorities frequently consult us when designing their rigorous frameworks.


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