Xapo Bank

Diversity is at the heart of who we are at Xapo Bank. We’re a fully distributed team of over 130 Xapiens that work remotely from 40+ countries around the world. 

Our beginning: A world that enjoys economic freedom and wealth protection, no matter where you live or who is running your country. This is the dream that drove Wences Casares, our Founder and Chairman, to quietly transform the world of banking.

To achieve that, we search the world for the best people for the job. We work hard, think globally, and inspire each other to learn and grow. We are committed to changing the way things are done.

About us

Established in 2013, Xapo has pioneered Crypto Banking, while earning a reputation as the Fort Knox of Crypto. 

We believe that Bitcoin will do for money, what the internet did for information. Our goal is to provide a bridge between digital assets and traditional financial services.

To make it safe and easy for you to save in Dollars or Bitcoins, with immediate access to funds via Card, Crypto and Bank payment rails. To help you to participate in both traditional and crypto markets, enabling you to grow your wealth and build your financial future. 

Xapo Bank is the first product of its kind: a platform that bridges the gap between crypto and traditional banking services. Headquartered in Gibraltar, we are regulated and authorised as a credit institution to provide fiat related services and in addition, Xapo VASP is regulated and authorised as a Distributed Ledger Technology Provider to provide crypto services.


Current Job Openings



Card Operations Lead
Gibraltar - Remote

Customer Success

Customer Success Advisor
Gibraltar - Remote


Product Owner - Cards
Gibraltar - Remote


Backend Development


Senior Data Engineer
Gibraltar - Remote