Original Thinkers change the world. Mindshare changed the industry when it became the first global media agency, launched in 1997. We took a chance and launched in Asia as opposed to the UK or US; and we were the first start-up WPP ever invested in. Original Thinking is in our DNA. This mentality means we've always been at the forefront of the media industry. The speed we adapt to new channel opportunities, technology and real-time trading means we consistently deliver our clients an advantage.

Our structure

The main divisions to the company are Strategic Services (comprising Business Planning, Strategy, Co- creation) Connections Planning (comprising Client Leadership and Connections Planning) and Investment (comprising The Exchange, FAST and ESP). Each is resourced with appropriate specialist skills and talent.

Strategic Services

  • Business Planning qualifies the clients’ business objectives and then links them to media
  • Strategy determines how media and communications can solve clients’ business problems
  • Co-creation ensures there is an injection of creativity and innovation in clients’ campaigns Connections Planning
  • Client Leadership has ultimate responsibility for the agency relationship and performance
  • Connections Planning maximises the potency of a campaign’s channels across POE Investment
  • The Exchange unlocks opportunities and trades the market to deliver objectives and make the most of clients’ money
  • ESP maximises client partnerships or sponsorships and manages logistics of delivery
  • FAST delivers outcome based real-time media solutions across programmatic, search, social and affiliates

We have four company values that are the operating philosophies that guide our conduct:

  • Be team – treat everyone with respect, be willing to help out, be a good collaborator respect the working environment and get involved with the agency outside of your day job.
  • Be provocative – have an informed POV, challenge the norm in the day-to-day, identify opportunities to do things differently.
  • Be global – have a global perspective and looks outside of AU for inspiration, effectively use the Mindshare network, seek insights from other markets as well as sharing your work.
  • Be quick – make decisions that utilise time efficiently, be quick to manage expectations, keep things moving, perform tasks in a timely manner and have the ability to be nimble and adaptive.

Key Purpose of the Manager role

Maps out all POE assets and innovation across channels, identifying key gaps and opportunities, ensuring total integration. Brings the strategy to life in optimised channels, identifying opportunities and innovation to adapt the plan in real-time.

Key responsibilities for the Manager

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  • Ensures they live and breathe the Mindshare values everyday
  • Inputs into the Career Development of the Snr Exec (coaching, gives constructive/positive feedback, on the job training)
  • Actively seeks and responds to feedback from other team members and internal stakeholders
  • Possesses a pro-active mentality/approach to their work
  • Embodies and helps implement the Connections Planning team vision as set by the wider team
  • Conducts themselves in line with Mindshare Professional Etiquette Guidelines
  • Contributes to a positive, motivating and inspiring culture within client team and the Connections Planning team
  • Inspires client team to think differently and deliver best in market product
  • Works collaboratively with client team throughout Connections Planning development process ensuring people are brought into the process in a timely manner


  • Has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the AMF and the roles and responsibilities at each stage
  • Understands and applies the Mindshare differentiators
  • Applies the AMF according to the unique requirements of each brief
  • Understands and uses the Owned Asset Audit for their client(s)
  • Understands media behaviours for their clients audiences (how does the target audience interact with media along their journey)
  • Produces "jobs to be done in media" with clear implications for media execution with input from their line manager
  • Leads and inspires the development of original and impactful ideas across every aspect of the campaign (either through a workshop or one-on-ones with all other areas of the business)
  • Articulates and justifies the tactics against each channel clearly detailing how they bring the strategic approach to life
  • Produces the Connections Plan (blue print) for the campaign with assistance from their line manager
  • Builds the Connections Architecture (a visual of how the campaign works together holistically) with assistance from their line manager
  • Briefs internal teams in an inspiring and effective manner to ensure a clear understanding of the strategic approach, jobs to be done in media, tactics and Connections Architecture
  • Collaborates effectively with the broader client team to build out the Optimised Channel approach (how we are going to use each channel)
  • Provides ongoing direction and feedback to the wider client team to ensure thinking is deliverable in media and brought to life effectively
  • Leads boost meetings to determine real-time campaign optimisation recommendations
  • Develops written documents and presentations that are clear, compelling and deliver a tangible outcome
  • Enhances the agency product by developing and sharing thought leadership and case studies both internally and externally
  • Ensures all communication to internal and external stakeholders is clear and delivered in a timely manner
  • Oversees work outputs for direct reports and checks in with Client Leaders as required


  • Has trusted advisor relationship with clients and agency partners at the relevant level
  • Has a thorough understanding of their clients’ business (customer, business model, PEST, brands) and category
  • Manages the day-to-day relationship with the client on behalf of the agency team bringing agency colleagues in at the right time as needed
  • Effectively manages client and agency partner expectations with regards to the deadlines and delivery of all work
  • Leads/attends client WIP meetings
  • Delivers a well-informed POV in every meeting
  • Facilitates client and agency meetings and workshops in an inspiring and effective manner to deliver on desired outcomes
  • Has a POV on media consumption trends
  • Develops and maintains strong relationships with internal stakeholders – Mindshare and GroupM – at both a local and global level
  • Manages timely delivery of regional/global requests and participates in conf calls as required
  • Develops an understanding of WPP and external partner offerings in media, content, tech and research


  • Assists in identifying new revenue opportunities
  • Completes timesheets in a timely manner
  • Tracks client hours versus agreed scope of work and flags any concerns
  • Contributes in new business projects as required

Measuring delivery of job description

People: Staff engagement, global staff survey, mediai survey Product: Award worthy case studies
Partners: Client Appraisal scores, mediai survey
Profit: Delivery of year-on-year financial targets



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