Hogarth Australia is the world’s leading creative production company. We craft and produce marketing communications for our partners, across all media. Whilst we are passionate about delivering the highest quality of content, we also believe there is a smarter way to make marketing budgets stretch further.

Our proposition is, therefore, to help clients to make better content, faster and smarter. At Hogarth, we don’t just “execute” like much of the competition; we think about our partners’ production needs strategically by combining talent, scale, and automation.

Hogarth Worldwide employs a team of over 4,500, with Hogarth Australia contributing around 120 in-house production specialists across our Sydney and Melbourne-based studios.

We are part of WPP AUNZ Ltd.



While we don't currently have any openings for Senior Business Partners, we are always interested in hearing from potential candidates. With the forecasted business growth in 2021 and beyond, it is likely that we will be hiring Senior Business Partners again very soon. If you would like to be considered for future roles, please submit your resume below and we will be in touch if and when a suitable position arises.

The Business Partnerships team is accountable for all aspects of our client partner relationships. They understand marketing challenges and (working with our Content Studio specialists) develop creative production solutions that enable us to create the best content, the smartest way. 

Embedded within our clients’ business, they have the business acumen to spot opportunities and content know-how to implement Hogarth’s “smarter production” methodology. They act as trusted advisors to our most senior clients and have a deep understanding of and our clients’ brands as well as the creative production and content landscape. 

Business Partners are expected to have well-rounded leadership skills but must also have experience in the content creation process. With the support of our craft specialists (from the Content Studio), they must be able to confidently discuss the content production process with key client stakeholders and have the ability to review and recommend the smartest solutions with authority. They can transform our clients’ business with their curiosity, always challenging traditional approaches and embracing our belief that there is always a smarter way of doing things.  

The Hogarth Business Partner can navigate our own agency, pulling in the right thinkers, crafters, technicians and makers to deliver on the right content strategy or solution. They are able to critique our craft and product, to provide quality control across final deliverables, and build and maintain profitable engagements with our clients. 



Client Management & Organic Growth 

  • Building strong, trusting relationships with key client stakeholders, managing perceptions and expectations; 
  • Being immersed in clients’ business and proactively look for opportunities to enhance service levels; 
  • Build a deep understanding of not just our clients businesses but of their industry category, both locally and globally; 
  • Writing presentations that effectively tell a story and sell in our solutions; 
  • Adding value at every occasion and thinking beyond the standard; 
  • Balancing craft (and quality) with commercial; 
  • Commercial planning and profitability reporting; 
  • Driving regular client reviews, status meetings, WIP’s and timely campaign wash-ups; 
  • Mining opportunities for organic growth for Hogarth and WPP AUNZ; 
  • Championing our clients’ brands and guarding the quality of our product; 
  • Evolving our offering to meet with client demands and industry shifts; 

Creative Production Consulting 

  • Ensuring that we are always delivering on our proposition of the best content, the smartest way; 
  • Working with our craft specialists to develop bespoke content production strategies for each client; 
  • Working with our transformation team to oversee all change management and continuous improvement initiatives across our client partnerships; 
  • Championing Hogarth process and ways of working; 
  • Entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving and with the ability to demonstrate how you have made a measurable difference to an organisation, project or team;  

Our Craft 

  • Monitor, maintain and be accountable for all client work; 
  • Champion quality across all touchpoints, communications and outputs; 
  • Be “hands-on”, overseeing key projects from brief through to delivery; 
  • Ensure we are always optimising content against platform, channel and audience; 
  • Excellent project management / organisational skills – being able to meet deadlines and mange delivery expectations; 
  • Ability to decipher a client request and write a creative expansion brief that is succinct  

Technical and Media Acumen 

  • You know how to work with media plans and can manage the launch of even the biggest of digital ad campaigns. 
  • You have a reasonably good understanding of how creative and media agencies work together and how best to navigate these essential partnerships. 
  • You understand the anatomy of display and video advertising, and its components, know your way around DoubleClick, Sizmek, Flashtalking, Celtra and can comprehend spec sheets. 
  • You're comfortable and understand all major ad serving, DCO, DMP, DSP technologies and platforms, particular ones which relate to DCO. 
  • You're experienced in producing data-driven (DCO) strategies and addressability as an advertising concept, from simple weather-based messaging to sophisticated data executions across multiple mediums, in display and video. 
  • You understand how different platforms and devices operate, the intricacies of each and their best practices. For example, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, desktop, mobile and connected TV. 


  • Positive, visible and vocal presence in Hogarth and at our client sites; 
  • Mentoring and encouraging maximum performance and dedication from everyone that touches your clients’ businesses; 
  • Participating in all relevant new business pitches; 
  • Reconciling and reporting on revenue; 
  • Living and breathing our values, demonstrating exemplary work ethics; 


 You must be able to demonstrate the following: 

 Client Management: A Business Partner must have a proven track record of being able to develop and build strong relationships, both internally and externally, including but not limited to: Hogarth Australia, Hogarth Worldwide, Clients and WPP AUNZ key stakeholders. They must be able to build and earn the respect of C-Suite level key stakeholders to become trusted advisors. They must be able to demonstrate strong communication skills both written and verbal. Multi-tasking is a critical skill for a business partner and being able to prioritise and manage several projects at once is essential. 

 Leadership: A Business Partner must be a good leader across cross functional teams, delivering responses to high level briefs, engaging in conflict, being dependable to deliver high-quality work on time and setting clear goals and executional plans for your team 

 Production Knowledge: In order to provide innovative solutions to our client’s content creation needs, Business Partners must have a solid background in production/content creation processes and techniques. 

 Production Consulting: Creative production skills are important in a Business Partner role. Different than traditional consulting, our business partnerships help ensures we’re always delivering the best content, the smartest way and finding the right balance between quality, speed and cost.   

 Teamwork: Business Partners often work in large team settings. Strong teamwork skills are important in coordinating work among these different roles. This requires strong verbal and nonverbal communication abilities. 

 Problem-solving: When facing challenges, our clients will call on Business Partners for help with new content solutions. Business Partners use strong problem-solving capabilities to identify the source of the problem and come up with a unique content solution. 

 Commercial Acumen: Business Partners are involved with all aspects of the business, including operations and commercials. They must have strong analytical skills for planning and budgeting. 



Our values created by our people are the thread that ties our culture together. How we behave as a community and the product we create for our partners, all centres on bringing our values to life.

Hands On (Our Commitment):  We don’t wait for things to happen; we get hands on and make them happen.

Happy Family (Our People):  We look out for each other, share our successes and unite as a happy family.

Heart & Soul (Our Craft):  We love what we do and bring heart & soul to all our work.

Honest (Our Relationships):  We are honest; it’s not always easy but it’s the right thing to do.

Hungry (Our Mindset):  We are inquisitive and push boundaries, hungry to find a new way.


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