Mindshare is a global media agency network with 116 offices in 86 countries and is part of GroupM, the world’s largest media investment company. The group are responsible for one in every three ads you see globally and here at Mindshare we are currently looking for a Digital Investment Executive to join us on a journey to help reach their wildest ambition.

A journey to your wildest ambition with Mindshare could look like…

  • Having a development plan focused around where you want to take your career not where we want you to go.
  • Knowing we have a long history of driving the industry of Media Advertising from the front. Built on provocation and breaking the norms. This allows us as a global agency today to do things differently to deliver a meaningful career for all members of our team.
  • Being part of our family like culture provides a nurturing environment where our team feel comfortable to bring their whole selves to work every day.
  • Having time in our day to live our lives whilst also having a fun and progressive career.
  • Being rewarded not just for the skills you bring with you but for the impact you have on our clients and our agency.
  • Getting annually reviewed pay and rewards to ensure you and everyone are paid fairly.
  • A career that provides more benefits than just money in the bank, we provide things like daily breakfasts, fruit, technical and professional learning, industry engagement, gyms, financial support and many more.
  • A team of industry leading people leaders that help support, build and motivate our team members to do the best work of their careers
  • Having the bar set high, so you know you get to work with a family of Powerful Purple People because only the best work here.
  • A professional career in media that provides a valuable job that we can all be proud to tell our family and friends about.

This role is responsible for all aspects of campaign implementation, monitoring and reporting, working closely with the client to produce best-in-class solutions, offer unparalleled service and deliver against targets.  You will be highly analytical, have an acute attention to detail and are excited by working with market leading technologies.  Most importantly, you will be passionate about and driven to deepen your knowledge of all things digital investment with a focus on social channels.

At Mindshare we live and breathe three values; Teamwork, Provocation and Speed. Teamwork ensures we always #beteam and always foster a culture of solving client challenges together. Provocation enables us to break the rules and deliver results in a timely fashion. We never take more than 12 hours to respond to our clients or partners. Within GroupM, our people are our strength, which is why fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion is important to us. 

Reporting of the role

This role will report into the Investment Director

In this role, your goals will be:

In three months: 

  • Develop a thorough understanding of the client’s business opportunities and challenges
  • Learn about how Mindshare delivers digital process’ utilising our Planning tools, techniques and data sources
  • Learn about how Mindshare locally and regionally delivers the Biddable Media implementation utilising our tools and systems

In six months:

  • Deliver insightful Digital campaign planning and real time adjustments to deliver expectations that are above the expectations and measures of success
  • Built trusted and impactful relationships with members from across Mindshare departments, teams and specialty areas

In 12 months:

  • Become a valued and irreplaceable member of the client team and Mindshare team locally in Melbourne and the Australian Mindshare agency.
  • Take your place as a thought leader, culture leader and technical leader with clients, colleagues and friends across the Mindshare agency locally and nationally.

What you’ll bring (including experience & qualifications):

  • A passion for all things digital investment with a strong understanding of planning and buying digital media as well as Social implementation.
  • You will have meaningful career experience across major agency and channel related concepts and application to deliver effective client and brand outcomes. This will be underpinned by a Professional Marketing Qualification or Equivalent Experience of 3 + Years’ experience in Media Agencies or broader Media Industry using SME tools, techniques and processes.
  • You will have knowledge and application of leading Digital Media responsibilities within your specialist field, product or channel in a marketing agency or team. You will have led the delivery and application of specialist accountabilities within your role.
  • Google, Facebook, YouTube, Adobe certifications highly regarded

About GroupM Australia

GroupM Australia takes pride in being a group built on a set of core values that extend to every aspect of our operation. We are committed to providing an empowering workplace that offers opportunities to learn, succeed and grow. We do this through our dedicated in-house training team who tailor our programs for every level of employee in every discipline across the group. GroupM is the largest media investment management company in Australia with 30% market share and over 800 employees. With such a unique culture, GroupM embraces workplace diversity, allowing our employees to bring different ideas and solutions to the workplace.


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