Wormhole is a simple, generic protocol that delivers a pathway to reliably transfer any type of information from any blockchain in the network to any other.

As Defi Operations Specialist, you will shape the future of Wormhole. You’ll work closely with Wormhole developers, community managers, and external ecosystem partners to help identify and deliver on opportunities to further Wormhole’s adoption. You’ll use your deep understanding of Wormhole’s design and the rapidly evolving crypto space, and strong communication and execution skills, to ensure Wormhole delivers as the industry standard for generic cross-chain interoperability.

The multi-chain universe is expanding quickly. Wormhole is the protocol that ties them all together. This role is an opportunity to further the multi-chain future.

What You’ll Do:

  • Identify and help prioritize opportunities for Wormhole to integrate with new Layer 1 blockchains, as well as lead the push for Wormhole’s adoption among eligible DApps, wallets, exchanges, and other pieces of crypto infrastructure.
  • Educate prospective ecosystem partners on how they can use Wormhole’s technology within their projects, using your own knowledge of its architecture and usage.
  • Own Wormhole’s business development pipeline, from prospecting and lead generation to ongoing relationship management.
  • Closely track partners' upcoming events and product launches to look for opportunities for collaboration across marketing, events, and shared-incentive endeavors.
  • Develop and maintain purposeful relationships relevant to the implementation of Wormhole’s multi-chain strategy.
  • Lead communications, planning, and coordination within the integration process.
  • Partner with stakeholders across engineering, community management, marketing, and legal to develop Wormhole’s long term business development strategy.
  • Translate trends into actionable product strategy.
  • Distribute grants.
  • Contribute to pitch materials and deliver pitches externally.
  • Other duties as assigned

Skills You Need:

  • Insanely passionate about the crypto space and eager to devote the necessary time to follow ongoing ecosystem developments that are relevant to Wormhole’s adoption.
  • Knowledgeable about the blockchain-based DeFi space across multiple ecosystems including, but not limited to, Solana, Terra, Ethereum, and BSC.
  • Well-versed in the history of DeFi development over the last few years and ideally have spent time working with blockchain networks and DeFi applications.
  • An excellent communicator across both written and verbal channels, and able to effectively convey technical concepts clearly.
  • Experienced working in a fast-paced and lean organization in an externally-facing role.
  • Kind, communicative, resourceful, self-sufficient, and able to work with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Able to have reliable and predictable availability


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