Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR)

Entrepreneur First brings together the world’s most ambitious people to build startups from scratch in London, Berlin and Singapore. We help individuals form teams, develop ideas, and subsequently raise funding from investors to build the world’s most important companies.

To date we have helped over 350 individuals build 80 companies with a total valuation of over $1 billion. They're funded by leading VCs and Angels investors from across Europe and the US, including Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, and Y Combinator. Our major exits to date include Magic Pony, led by Rob Bishop and Zehan Wang, which was acquired by Twitter for a reported $150m only 18 months after the Founders met on the EF programme.

Most recently, we have raised US$12.4M in a round led by Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, with participation from Greylock Partners, Founders Fund and other top US venture capital firms as well as the Deep Mind founders. 

The Role

We are on the lookout for a Entrepreneur in Residence who will deliver the EF process of helping build startups from scratch. This is a role with enormous opportunity for immediate impact, a steep learning curve, as well as long term incentives and development.

The Form Team creates the platform for the world’s highest potential people to achieve the impact they are capable of. This means turning each selected cohort of 100+ individuals into world class startups. After the Form stage, EF invests and the Launch Team prepares them for external funding.

It once seemed impossible to build companies from scratch. Over the past 5 years we've built a robust, scalable way to do this. Our method creates some of the most valuable startups produced in Europe and Asia. EF's 100+ alumni companies are now worth >S$1bn. EF has a unique opportunity to develop the secret to building billion dollar companies from scratch. This is the Form EiR's ‘North Star’.

Read this to find out why Form matters.


The Form Team handles the EF experience from the moment people are selected to join until they have an investable startup. This is the core of EF’s unique methodology.

The Form Team handles 4 components:

1. Admissions. Select the most ambitious people to build the world's leading companies.

Our process is evidence-driven. You will meet our top founders, speak to EF candidates and work closely with the Talent Team to amalgamate research and ideas on selecting the very best candidates. You will need to be rigorous and analytical in conducting this research to identify the composition of the next upcoming cohort.

  • Create the ultimate cohort composition that would produce the world's leading companies
  • Design and improve the process to make quick, consistent, and effective admissions decisions

2. Cultivation. Ensure everyone we offer joins EF.

Every person we offer that doesn’t join is a missed opportunity to build something massive. Your mission is to ensure offer holders know EF is the highest value use of their time. Joining EF should be as extraordinary an experience as joining Harvard, McKinsey, or Google.

  • Create a world class pre-joining experience for offer holders.

3. Team building. Crack the code for building teams from scratch.

We have developed a robust team building method. But, there is still much to learn. Your mission is to build as many strong teams as possible.

  • Work with sole founders to help them progress into teams
  • Actively manage team breakups and formation.
  • Develop EF's team building frameworks.
  • Use EF's data to create optimal cofounding teams.

4. Ideation. Ensure the teams work on high potential ideas

We are in a privileged position in being able to shape how our founding teams think about generating and testing their ideas, right at the inception of the company. This can radically change the trajectory of a company for the better. Your mission is to make these ideas as high potential as possible within the constraints of the founders combined skills and insights.

  • Work with EF founders to develop their ideas.
  • Develop EF's frameworks on ideation
  • Mentor the teams through the first 3 months of idea validation and customer development    


About you

You should have:

  • Been part of the co-founding team or a key employee within a start-up

You also are:

  • Someone with high EQ who enjoys working with people
  • Extremely ambitious
  • Data-driven and analytical

Training and development

Your experience will be invaluable, but nobody builds startups like EF. We will teach you method we have taken 6 years to create. You’ll work with Singapore’s Form Lead (Francois Le Nguyen) and the international Form team to hone this method.

Reporting: You will report to the Singapore Form Lead, and be supported a team of Form Associates and Analysts. 

You'll also get to:

  • Surround yourself with the world’s smartest and most ambitious individuals and have the opportunity to help start an institution that can change the way the most ambitious people think about their careers.
  • Supercharge your learning - you’ll have a very steep learning curve and work alongside a talented, ambitious, and committed team.
  • Embed yourself within the EF network - we work with the best founders and investors in the region
  • Enjoy a generous holiday allowance (20 days + 2 weeks at CNY and Christmas)

Location: You’ll be based at our offices located at 32 Carpenter Street in Singapore.

Remuneration: This is an important role for EF. You will receive a base salary of S$5.5-S$7.5k per month, on top of significant upside via returns in our funds’ profits. We want you to live comfortably, but be incentivised by great outcomes for the portfolio.

Start Date: In time for EFSG5 (End-January 2019)

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