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Woo Network democratizes access to top-tier liquidity and exceptional trading execution while keeping costs competitive. We take pride in our two platforms WOO X, a pioneering crypto exchange dedicated to transparency and trustworthiness, and WOOFi, a top 15 DEX by 24-hour volume. Our native token, $WOO offers token holders a unique position to participate, engage, and maximize the benefits of both the DeFi and CeFi ecosystem. Our team of highly-selected 170 employees works from 12 cities across eight countries in Europe and Asia 🚀

Embrace our user-centric mission and vision

Our vision is to inspire confidence, higher performance, and joy in every user. We have a mission to provide the best liquidity on the best terms. We compete not just on price execution but also on integrity, user experience, innovative tools, and global opportunities.

Align with our integrated core values

WOO is rooted in the fusion of technology and finance, both undergoing rapid evolution. Our actions directly influence how individuals save, spend, and invest, granting us the privilege of shaping the future. Every aspect of our cultural principles and values revolves around this pivotal role.

Meritocracy: Acknowledging and rewarding based on merit and accomplishments.

Urgency: Swiftly seizing fleeting opportunities.

Team: Valuing and respecting each other's contributions.

Integrity: Acting with unwavering integrity in all endeavours.

Innovation: Persistent pursuit of creative and groundbreaking approaches.

Join our dynamic team and contribute to shaping the trajectory of CeFi and DeFi. Become an integral part of the team that dismantles barriers, propels decentralization, and leads an industry at the forefront of innovation. Embrace the extraordinary and make a lasting impact.

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