Launched in April 2020, Supernatural is an immersive, virtual reality fitness experience that combines the best music, coaches, destinations and movements into an incredible home workout; with a new workout released every day. 

Developed by a team of passionate experience designers, choreographers, game developers, trainers and physical fitness experts, Supernatural is a dynamic, immersive, experience that is always adapting to your needs, personalized for you, and available on demand, in your home.

Supernatural workouts are designed so that each movement is fun, rewarding, and tailored to your body and ability. Workouts are released in a range of intensities so that you can choose the right workout for you every day.

The impact you'll make: 

As Motion & Video Content Designer, Marketing you will lead the creation of motion based marketing materials to ensure our video and motion content is engaging, crisp, clear, and powerful, and be a critical contributor to building one of the world’s leading fitness and wellness companies. 

What you’ll do 

  • Create incredible motion graphic, vfx and video assets that powerfully tell the story of Supernatural
  • Storyboard, design, edit, comp and deliver motion based materials for all marketing initiatives across paid media, PR, social, influencer marketing, in app assets, email communications and more
  • Be a fountain of ideas and creative thinking who can implement quickly, laterally, independently or collaboratively.
  • Be an expert storyteller 
  • Ensure consistency of the brand identity across all materials that are delivered
  • Deeply and emphatically understand our customer and market
  • Have your finger on the pulse of the most current and engaging ways to grab people’s attentions and emotionally connect them to a product story through motion based assets

What you’ll need to be successful 

  • Excellent proficiency with Adobe Premiere & After Effects
  • Moderate experience with 3D software (Blender, C4D or Maya), coloring software and sound software 
  • Have a command of visual, communication and motion design principles, including composition, framing, alignment, lighting and timing, with a meticulous attention to detail
  • A passion for being on top of trends across social media, entertainment, gaming, culture and fitness
  • Comfort learning new software
  • A “test everything” attitude when it comes to paid media, with an openness to iterate and learn which changes in creative lead to the best results
  • Excellent communication & collaboration skills, comfortable understanding the needs of different teams and delivering assets that are perfectly suited to each unique distribution channel (social media, PR, etc)
  • Have an enthusiastic, generous, nimble and hands-on approach to your work
  • Bonus if you love to write & direct

Job Type

  • This is a part-time position with potential to go full-time

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