Launched in April 2020, Supernatural is an immersive, virtual reality fitness service that combines the choreographed movements to music you love, real fitness coaches, and stunning destinations into an incredible home workout that will leave you smiling while you sweat.

Supernatural has an exciting opportunity for a full-time talented mapper/level designer who is passionate about fitness, dance, and music to produce fun and engaging maps for a full-body rhythm experience. 

You have high standards for your work, a keen eye for detail, a solid ear for rhythm and musicality, intuitive body movement understanding, and are devoted to providing people with enjoyable maps that provide a fantastic workout experience. You are a team player and understand the importance of collaboration to improve the overall user experience. 

The impact you’ll make: 

You will be responsible for choreographing maps to music in our Supernatural VR editor, and assisting in developing and maintaining an efficient workflow that continuously produces high quality content for users.

What you'll do: 

  • Choreograph and create rhythm maps using our Supernatural VR editor that embody the company’s standards
  • Build creative movement patterns utilizing the tools available in our Editor
  • Provide feedback and ideas for improving production efficiency and quality of maps
  • Collaborate with fellow Mappers and Engineers to provide feedback for improving the VR editor tool

What you'll need to be successful: 

  • Fitness experience - Knowledge of positive, confident body movement from dancing, playing sports, working out, etc.
  • Music experience - Knowledge with playing or creating music with a skill for matching or complementing the rhythm patterns of a song
  • Technical ability and experience with game system controllers to effectively learn and adapt to our Editor as it continues to evolve
  • Comfortable wearing a VR headset for multiple hours a day
  • Open to feedback and adaptable to shifting priorities and directions
  • Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and ability to thrive in a cross-functional team 
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal

* We find the most effective mapper is someone with experience in fitness-like sports or dance, making music and understanding rhythm, technology or games for learning to use our VR Editor, who is creative and has an eye for quality.  Please include a cover letter explaining how your experience matches up!

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