At Wistia, we work hard to bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities, all with the goal of building more inclusive, more useful, and more impactful products and experiences. If you’re invested in being part of a team where new ideas and different perspectives are celebrated, you’ve come to the right place.



Soapbox, the latest addition to our multimedia marketing and analytics platform, helps anyone create, edit, and share videos with others within minutes. Learn more about Soapbox here

Our team is looking for a designer who enjoys working on earlier stage products--and is excited about the opportunity to chart new territory and/or create something new in a fast-moving category.

We're looking for someone who deeply cares about customers and building customer-centric business; who enjoys distilling complex problems into thoughtful, beautiful, and holistic end user experiences; and who does their best work when working as part of a tightly coordinated, cross-functional, and intentionally autonomous team.


Why Now?

Prior to the global pandemic, thousands of Soapbox videos were created and shared by our customers every day, with product adoption and usage steadily increasing month to month. With the sudden shift to remote work, companies have been forced to rethink how to gather and communicate in a way that still feels human in a now digital-first world. As such, we're seeing the growth of Soapbox accelerate, nationally, and across the world.

As we support our growing base of customers, our goal is to ensure that the product remains simple and delightful to use, and inclusive of the rapidly increasing number of users across a variety of use cases, devices, and skill sets. Further, as we scale, it will be critical for us to ensure consistency in our visual brand and UX across Wistia’s product portfolio (inclusive of our flagship video and audio hosting, marketing, and analytics products). Hence, we're looking for a seasoned design leader with strong information architecture and interaction design fundamentals, a talent for conceptualizing design strategy, and ideally with experience in SaaS or eCommerce. 


About the Role

Our Dream Candidate (Could This Be You?)

You live and breath design.

For you, design goes way beyond the tools (or terms) we use; design is a way of thinking.

That said, you are constantly tinkering with the latest and greatest UI design & prototyping tools, reading about and discussing design with other design leaders, and keeping emerging design patterns and visual treatments on your radar.

You've developed a strong (and informed) point of view on what counts as "good design" and what qualities define "good designers." And so you often find yourself critiquing everyday products and users experiences, simply out of habit, or for fun--likely a bit of both.

But design isn't all talk and theory to you; for you, design is what you do--and how you do it.

Your portfolio speaks for itself; you're well-versed in presenting your work, from the frameworks you use, to your sharp UI/visual design skills, and the range of business and customer problems you're capable of solving. 

Lastly, you're the kind of designer for whom Wistia's values -- long-term thinking, creativity, simplicity, and presentation -- and mission of building a lasting product-led company resonate.

So, you're not just looking to join a design team - but a small, dedicated, cross-functional product development team, whose impact on the business will be determined by real customer outcomes. 


Key Responsibilities

The mission of this role is to orchestrate the evolution of the Soapbox UX across the entire customer journey. We expect this role to significantly influence how we approach this mission.

Still, we anticipate that they will engage in the following activities: 

  • Support customer, market, and competitive research to inform product & UX strategy
  • Invest in activities to deepen your (and the team's) understanding of Soapbox users
  • Establish a regular cadence of continuous learning across the Soapbox team
  • Research, identify, and prioritize UX problems to solve using mixed methods*
  • Deliver elegantly-simple solutions to problems that advance product team goals
  • Advocate for ethics and inclusion in our product
  • Leverage industry best practices and/or in-depth research to inform UX investments
  • Use storytelling, facilitation, and customer insights to foster empathy across the company
  • Raise the quality bar for design at Soapbox through your work outputs & leadership

Note: We expect some customer discovery and/or market research experience; skills in data analytics are a plus, but not required since we have an in-house analytics team. 


Role Requirements

This is a senior design role that is expected to contribute at both the tactical execution and strategy levels of design work. And whereas we do not expect that even the best candidates will be able to check every single box, we share this list here to paint a clearer picture of the skills we believe will set this role up for success.  

  • Strong design foundation, inclusive of formal training and/or practical experience 
  • Track record delivering product/UX design that lead to successful outcomes
  • A modern and contemporary approach to UX and UI/visual design
  • Strong verbal and written communication, presentation and facilitation skills
  • Deep understanding of how modern technologies are used with design (CSS, React)
  • Experience designing with and/or evolving design systems 
  • Experience leading customer discovery and/or UX research initiatives
  • End-to-end UX design: from planning, research, analysis, and insights synthesis
  • Working knowledge of product & UX frameworks such JBTD, journey mapping, etc


Soapbox Team Values & DNA 

Building and maintaining a healthy & high-performing team culture is very important to us, Hence, in addition to an affinity for Wistia's core values, we get excited about people who:

  • Are open to tried and true best practices as well as taking risks
  • Are excited about working in a team-first (vs me-first) environment
  • Value productive conflict over negative peace
  • Embrace failure and introspection as levers for both personal & professional growth
  • Not deterred by our commitment to a culture of radical candor & appreciation
  • Advocate for diversity, inclusion, equity, and belonging at work
  • Actively learning about how to address unconscious bias & systemic discrimination 
  • Are in a relentless pursuit of the best version of themselves


More Details

Work Location 

We have a beautiful office in Cambridge, MA. And welcome both local and remote candidates for this role. For the remote role, there will be no expectations of relocation. That said, priority will be given to local candidates, followed by candidates within 3 hours of EST. Given the nature of the Soapbox team, you should be comfortable and excited about building a remote design process and culture.  

Team Structure 

Reporting Manager: This role reports to the GM & VP of Product, Soapbox at Wistia. 

Teammates: Within the Soapbox team, this role will be expected to collaborate closely with a mid- level UX designer, and two full stack engineers, all of whom report to the GM & VP of Product of Soapbox. 

Direct Reports: This role is an individual contributor role, and thus will have no direct reports. However, they will be expected to work with and provide guidance to at least one (of the two) UX research and/or design apprentices on the team. 

Other Peers & Collaborators: This role will interface with dedicated Soapbox leads in marketing, support, and customer success. 


Does any of this sound like you? If so, please go ahead and apply and/or share with others! 



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Diversity at Wistia

At Wistia, we work hard to bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds and identities, all with the goal of building more inclusive, more useful, and more impactful products and experiences. If you’re invested in being part of a team where new ideas and different perspectives are celebrated, you’ve come to the right place!

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