The TERRES EAU VIE Activity is jointly implemented by Winrock International and Tetra Tech to address RISE II’s first objective to “Enhance social and ecological risk management systems” through three components:

  • Improved water security.
  • Enhanced sustainable productive land use.
  • Improved management of shocks, risks and stresses.

This Activity covers 25 rural communes in the Maradi, Tillabery and Zinder regions. The positions will be based in Zinder, Maradi and Tillabery, with project-funded travel in the targeted communes. 


Position Summary

Location: The position will be based in Niger


  • Directly manage relationships with vendors to ensure quality and on time delivery
  • Troubleshoot issues and implement solutions
  • Structure relationships between service providers, communes, and village-level institutions (CVD and WUA)
  • Work on daily basis with target communities


  • Experience in rapid emergency response
  • Experience setting up complex logistics and supply chain systems, preferably related to water

Winrock is an equal opportunity employer. 

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