Short-Term Consultant, ATLAS Pre-Situational Analysis (Thai Local)

LOCATION:                               Bangkok, Thailand

TIMEFRAME:                             September – December 2019


SUBMISSION DEADLINE:        September 13, 2019



ATLAS Pre-Situational Analysis is a short-term consulting activity that will take place in Thailand. The Consultant will work under the direct supervision of the Country Coordinator with technical guidance from ATLAS HQ Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to conduct research-based activities that inform ATLAS Thailand Work Plan. The PSA consultant works with stakeholders involved with Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking including government agencies such as Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, International NGOs, UN agencies and others as deemed relevant to be part of this assignment.


Background information

Winrock International, in partnership with Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB) and Partners of the Americas (POA), is implementing the US Department of Labor (USDOL) program Attaining Lasting Change for Better Enforcement of Labor and Criminal Law to Address Child Labor, Forced Labor, and Human Trafficking (ATLAS). The ATLAS program is a global effort to: (1) strengthen labor and/or criminal legal frameworks concerning child labor (CL), forced labor (FL), and/or human trafficking (HT) by helping stakeholders gain the authority to act; (2) improve enforcement of labor and/or criminal frameworks by strengthening stakeholders’ capacity to act; and (3) increase coordination among law enforcement and social protection entities. ATLAS implements activities to support the above objectives in two countries (Thailand and Paraguay) and will expand to two additional countries in 2020, at least one of which will be in Sub-Saharan Africa.  


The ATLAS Pre-Situational Analysis Consultant(s) will be responsible for Pre-situational analysis activity. The PSA Objective is to provide information that will support the design of interventions to strengthen the capacity of the government entities combating child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking. The PSA focuses on (1) Overview of the Context including structures, stakeholders, capacity and resources that address CL, FL and HT (2) Enforcement, including Criminal and Judicial Law Enforcement and Labor Monitoring (3) Coordination, Including mechanism, tasks forces, technical working groups, and social services.


The Pre-Situational Analysis consists of the four following sections: 

  1. Contextual Analysis entailing an overview of the country’s child labor, forced labor and human trafficking legal status including existing structures, resources, laws and policies focusing on labor and or criminal and judicial law enforcement; status of country National Action Plan (NAP) and policies targeting migrants and minorities to combat CL, FL, HT; and inclusion of CL, FL, HT in relevant development, education, anti-poverty, and other social development policies & programs.
  2. Stakeholder Mapping Focusing on identifying governments agencies and structures at national, regional, and local level addressing CL, FL, HT, and WFCL and their levels of functionality. Identify social protection programs and groups responsible for supporting victims of CL, FL, and HT such as CBOs/FBOs/NGOs/Civil society labor work.
  3. Enforcement Analysis
    The Enforcement portion of the PSA focuses on the status and structure of key activities and stakeholders that are responsible for enforcing CL, FL, and HT policies and laws. Key areas of focus should include labor inspection, labor enforcement, prosecution, training of inspectors and law enforcement, government plans of enforcement, etc.
  4. Coordination Analysis
    The Coordination portion of the PSA focuses on the status and structure of existing activities and mechanisms (functional and non-functional) that enables stakeholders collaborating to address the CL, FL, and HT in Thailand.  Coordination Analysis should provide recommendations on how best ATLAS can strengthen coordination structures among the social protection groups, government, and none government agencies to address CL, FL, and HT.



  1. Develop a detailed work plan and methodology to implement the PSA.
  2. Develop Tools, data collection, and analysis instruments for PSA in line with the proposed methodology.
  3. Identify and meet with the relevant stakeholders to fulfill the PSA objectives
  4. Conduct Interviews and focus group discussion with key stakeholder to collect data on context, enforcement, and coordination in combating child labor, forced labor, and human trafficking.
  5. Review, synthesize, analyze data, and produce draft reports and recommendation on each segment of PSA.
  6. Facilitate a one- day learning workshop/debriefing session to present the draft findings of the pre-situational analysis to the key stakeholders in Thailand to gather feedback on the findings and build consensus on recommendations for each of the analysis’s four areas of inquiry (contextual, legislative, enforcement and coordination).
  7. Finalize the PSA report by addressing modifications suggested by WI and USDOL.




Consultant(s) shall deliver the following items to Winrock upon completion:

  • Submit a work plan and methodology, highlighting key tasks for each segment of PSA and an implementation timeline.
  • Submit Data collection Instrument for each segment of PSA as appropriate
  • Stakeholder mapping document; Identifying key players in CL, FL, and HT in Thailand
  • PSA Draft Report (includes Contextual Analysis, Stakeholder Mapping, Enforcement analysis, and Coordination analysis)
  • Presentation of Finding (Learning Workshop) to Stakeholder in Thailand, WI, and USDOL
  • PSA Final Report



Winrock is seeking qualified individuals and/or firms who meet the qualifications stated below. The principal consultant(s) must fulfill at least the following criteria:

  • Extensive knowledge and work experience on child labor, forced labor and human trafficking preferably within the context of Thailand;
  • Practical experience conducting field research using participatory approaches;
  • Knowledge of data collection, analysis, and reporting technology.
  • Ability to analyze and present data in a clear and understandable format;
  • Exceptional communication and facilitation skills both in English and Thai is a must;



Qualified candidates should apply through the link below, please include a detailed CV, cover letter, one sample of previous research projects, and a proposal with a detailed budget. Applications must be submitted by September 13, 2019 Close of Business Thailand Time.

Please address any questions on this opportunity to  by September 05, 2019 (Please do not send your resume to this email, apply through the link below). We thank all applicants; however, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.


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