Hamro Samman Project

Terms of Reference


CONSULTANCY:                  Development of Strategic Plan for the Nepal Police Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau

LOCATION:                           Home-based with travel to Kathmandu, Nepal

LEVEL OF EFFORT:             Approximately 20 to 25 working days                   

REPORTS TO:                       Law and Governance Manager                  



The latest US State Department 2019 Trafficking in Persons report identifies Nepal as a source, transit and destination country for men, women and children subjected to trafficking for forced labor and sexual exploitation. The 2018/2019 Nepal budget included the establishment of an Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau (AHTB) within the Nepal Police. The AHTB replaces the Human Trafficking Section previously located within the Central Investigation Department under the Women and Children Service Directorate at Nepal Police Headquarters. The objectives of the AHTB are to investigate and prevent human trafficking; coordinate and collaborate with stakeholders in raising awareness about human trafficking; ensure access to quality services by trafficking victims through capacity building of law enforcement; and increase information and data collection between different national and international agencies within and between states.


The AHTB was inaugurated in May 2019. Currently, AHTB is staffed with 61 police personnel headed by the Senior Superintendent of Police at the central level and dedicated police personnel have also been assigned to the provincial level offices to investigate human trafficking cases at the provincial level. The AHTB’s organizational structure is divided into different sections: The first section oversees domestic and international human trafficking and child trafficking. This section works to prevent and investigate trafficking occurrences in the domestic sphere and coordinates and cooperates with international stakeholders and agencies to prevent and investigate international human trafficking. The second section is an investigation section which prepares cases and submits investigation reports to the District Government Attorney which then files the case in court. The information, communication and technology section works in close coordination with the investigation section to provide necessary technological support during investigations. Finally, the research and training section of the bureau is responsible for research and analysis of human trafficking crimes, training for the bureau’s staff and preparation of the bureau’s strategic plan.


Terms of Reference

The Hamro Samman Project is generously supported by the American people through the United States Agency for International Development. It is implemented by Winrock International. Hamro Samman seeks an experienced international consultant to prepare a 5-year strategic plan for the AHTB.


The international consultant will work with a national consultant and engage closely with a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) formed by the AHTB to develop and finalize the strategic plan. The TAG may include representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs; Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizens; Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security; Nepal Police; National Human Rights Commission; Office of Attorney General of Nepal and representatives from Winrock International and the Hamro Samman project.


The consultant will require to coordinate with AHTB and TAG to conduct a workshop and one-on-one meetings as required with key governmental and non-governmental stakeholders including CSO representatives and survivors of Human Trafficking and Labor exploitation to clearly understand the objectives and needs of the AHTB.


The strategic plan should, at a minimum:

  • Establish a vision for the bureau’s future and outline well-defined integrated objectives and strategies for each department to accomplish its goals
  • Provide a five-year, time-bound and budgeted “road map” that steers the AHTB as it increases its staffing and expands to the provincial and sub-national levels
  • Identify existing and needed technical resources to be adapted, developed and used by the bureau’s staff;
  • Identify the training needs of AHTB staff
  • Identify laws, policies and procedures needed or revisions to existing laws, policies and procedures necessary to more effectively identify and investigate human trafficking, including addressing cross border and international collaboration and information sharing
  • Recommend appropriate institutional mechanisms abroad for effective investigations.
  • Outline how the AHTB will establish a “One Stop Center” for trafficking victims.
  • Address how the AHTB will:
    • Ensure the promotion of a victim-centered approach to identification, investigation and evidence gathering
    • Collaborate with other relevant policing units, departments and bodies at the ward, municipal, district, provincial and federal level on counter-human trafficking identification, referral and investigation, including with the newly established community policing structure
    • Collaborate with police at the borders and internationally on identification, investigation, referral and repatriation
    • Coordinate with the Office of the Attorney General at the federal, provincial and district level on human trafficking prevention and prosecution
    • Coordinate with other stakeholders, including front-line service providers and other government institutions and bodies on the identification and investigation of human trafficking cases
    • Collect, analyze, use and share data to make the bureau more effective.
    • Align with the objectives of the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen’s National Plan of Action on Combatting Trafficking in Persons, particularly Women and Children
    • Align with the Human Trafficking and Transportation Control Act, 2007 and associated Rules
    • Engage with federal, provincial and local coordination mechanisms to counter human trafficking.



  • Develop a short-written overview outlining key elements of an effective strategic plan for the AHTB that includes two sample plans from other countries, for consideration.
  • Prepare and present the draft Strategic Plan to the AHTB and TAG and gather recommendations and feedback.
  • Incorporate the feedback and input received from the AHTB and TAG and finalize the strategic plan.


Experience and Qualifications:

    • Technical expertise in anti-human trafficking
    • Previous experience working with anti-human trafficking task forces, bureaus or units
    • Previous experience in developing strategic plans
    • Experience working in Nepal or the South Asia region preferred
    • Master’s Degree in a relevant field preferred
    • Familiarity with international human rights standards and anti-human trafficking frameworks
    • Excellent written communication skills
    • Participatory facilitation skills


  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  • Sound knowledge of computer applications




Application Process


Qualified applicants are invited to submit 1) a cover letter outlining how your qualifications meet the requirements; 2) a CV that outlines their qualifications and includes references to relevant work previously completed, 3) a 5-page writing sample of a relevant report or analysis; and 4) a completed USAID 1420 Biodata form which can be downloaded from https://www.usaid.gov/forms/aid-1420-17 to hamro.samman@winrock.org with “Strategic Plan Consultant” in the subject line. Applications must be received by September 28, 2019.


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