Summary of assignment:

Winrock International is a nonprofit organization that works with people in the United States and around the world to empower the disadvantaged, increase economic opportunity, and sustain natural resources. Winrock is implementing the Protection and Prevention components of the Jamaica-U.S. CPC Project, a four-year activity to support the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) to address child trafficking across the island. The project is funded by the United States Department of State (USDOS). Protection activities will strengthen government and civil society capacity to identify and provide comprehensive, trauma-informed services to child trafficking victims (from identification through protective care, community reintegration, and long-term follow-up services). Prevention activities will increase efforts to prevent child trafficking through awareness raising and community-based mechanisms.

Winrock is looking to engage a consultant with technical expertise in child protection, trafficking-in-persons, and social work. The consultant will develop curricula and deliver tailored trainings to improve relevant stakeholders’ capacity for trauma-informed case management: The consultant will support the Winrock Jamaica-U.S. CPC Project team to:

  1. Review the current national minimum standards of care for cases of trafficking-in-persons and make recommendations to make them more child appropriate;
  2. Contribute to development of a National Referral Mechanism;
  3. Conduct an assessment of current level of service provision and case management practices for child trafficking cases and make recommendations, if any, to ensure they are more trauma-informed, responsive to the needs of the child, and aligned with national minimum standards of care;
  4. Develop curriculum on trauma-informed case management and psychosocial counselling for child trafficking cases to be used in trainings for officials working in child protection (social workers, Children Welfare Officers, etc.); and
  5. Facilitate five trainings on national minimum standards of care/quality case management for child trafficking victims.

Detailed Description of Duties:

  • Review Victim Management Guidelines and draft national minimum standards of care based on international best practice
    • Standards should be child appropriate and trauma-informed
    • Consult with Jamaica’s National Task Force Against Trafficking in Persons and Child Protection and Family Services Agency to develop draft national minimum standards of care for child trafficking cases
  • Provide technical input and contribute to the development of a national referral mechanism with partner organization
    • Winrock’s partner organization, Lawyers Without Borders, will be conducting a workshop with relevant stakeholders to streamline referral mechanisms for child trafficking victims.
    • The mechanism will ensure that there is a standardized referral process among all service providers (GOJ, civil society, private)
    • As a result, all child trafficking victims will receive a comprehensive package of services
    • The referral mechanism must account for the individual needs of the child
    • Based on feedback from the workshop, contribute to the refinement of the national referral mechanism and plans for its rollout
  • Consult with the Child Protection and Family Services Agency to review the current standards for quality case management and make recommendations for improvements
    • Identify gaps in the current service provision for child trafficking cases including a review of shelter/residential care, medical services, nutrition, psychosocial counselling, legal advice, basic education, life skills, mentoring, vocational and job training and livelihood support
    • Draft a set of recommendations in line with international best practice for child trafficking cases
  • Develop training curricula on national minimum standards of care and trauma-informed case management for child trafficking cases
    • 2 day training for case managers and care givers (CPFSA Children’s Welfare Officers, National Children’s Registry Officers, civil society, shelter staff, regional guidance counsellors, etc.)
    • Materials to include needs assessment and care plan development that is child-centered and incorporates the input from the child
    • Training includes techniques for trauma-informed intake, questioning, and ongoing care
    • Includes appropriate referrals to external protective services
    • Includes component on risk-assessments and reintegration planning for child trafficking cases
    • Training will include record keeping/document retention and data collection
  • Deliver training on national minimum standards of care and trauma-informed case management for case managers and care providers
    • 5 trainings for 150 individuals 

Deliverables and Projected Level of Effort



Estimated LOE


Draft recommendations on national minimum standards of care for child trafficking victims in Jamaica



Contribute to development of national referral mechanism



Conduct assessment of current case management policies and practices and draft recommendations to address those gaps



Develop training curricula on national minimum standards of care and trauma-informed case management



Deliver 5 trainings




 33 days



  • Master’s Degree from a reputable university in Clinical Psychology, Social Work, Psychiatry, or related field preferred
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in counselling, case management, child protection, or support to survivors of trafficking or other vulnerable groups
  • Strong technical background in child protection, social work, case management, trauma-informed care and comprehensive services for children and their families
  • Demonstrated experience in capacity assessments
  • Experience with curriculum development and training facilitation
  • Experience working counter trafficking-in-persons, child trafficking, migration, child protection, or other related issues in Jamaica preferred
  • Experience liaising with government officials and familiarity with Jamaican government structures preferred
  • Strong interpersonal skills, cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Fluency in English is required
  • Familiarity with Jamaican Patois preferred 

Winrock would like to thank all applicants for their interest but only candidates who meet all requisite criteria and are short listed will be contacted.

Women, people with disabilities, and those belonging to discriminated groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

All employees should adhere to USDOS and Winrock rules and regulations, as well as Winrock’s code of ethics, specifically its child safeguarding and trafficking in persons provisions.



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