Winrock is seeking an individual consultant with expertise in institutional capacity building, climate finance, climate change policy, and/or climate risk management in Vietnam. The consultant will provide technical support to Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) staff and members to include climate adaptation and resilience in their programming. The consultancy will be based in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with occasional international travel. This work is part of the US Department of State funded PIER project (Private Investment for Enhanced Resilience).


Up to 175 days, estimated starting date on June 20, 2019 and ending on July 31, 2020.


Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Winrock International is a recognized leader in U.S. and international development with a focus on social and environmental issues. As a mission driven, field-based organization, we believe that sustainable development is inclusive and that complex challenges require integrated solutions. Winrock embraces continuous quality improvement and a culture of impact, accountability and entrepreneurship.

Funded by the U.S. Department of State/OES, PIER works to increase private sector investment in resilience to climate change in eight developing countries - Bangladesh, Ghana, Guyana, Indonesia, Mozambique, Peru, Tanzania, and Vietnam. PIER supports both public and private investors to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to finance projects that build resilience and adaptation capacity. Recognizing the essential role, the private sector must play in reducing risks and addressing impacts from climate change, PIER also supports leaders from public, private, and civil society in working together to prioritize investments in projects that could have long-term, positive impact for communities and private investors.



The purpose of the consultant’s support is to assist VCCI and its members in encouraging the use of the climate risk assessment and to identify new investment opportunities for projects that improve resilience to climate change. This support must align with the climate and development priorities outlined in Vietnam’s various national climate and development strategies and policies. To achieve this objective, the consultant’s technical assistance is expected to result in the following outcomes, which will be tracked by and reported to both Mr. Cote and Ms. Doherty:

  • VCCI leadership and support staff have improved understanding of private sector finance, with particular focus on addressing their capacity needs to engage private sector finance modalities, which differ significantly from public, donor-funded programs
  • VCCI leadership and support staff able to understand the administrative support required to attain and manage additional donor and private funding
  • VCCI leadership and support staff have clear situation assessment of capacity constraints and opportunities to formulate an action plan for institutional capacity development
  • VCCI members able to make informed decisions about the size (e.g., dollar value) of climate risk investments, and understanding of taking the right actions for climate adaptation and resilient outcomes
  • Establish more firm collaboration modalities between VCCI members, donors, and private sector financial institutions, based on a joint understanding of VCCI’s capacity and capacity constraints
  • Create awareness among VCCI support staff, decision makers, board members and stakeholders about possible need for change  
  • Inform policy dialogue between public and private sector partners, thereby achieving a better understanding of capacity to meet Vietnam’s development priorities.  
  • Enhancement of VCCI’s support staff, decision makers, and board members’ existing work




  • Rapid institutional capacity assessment of VCCI and selected members. The assessment will review capacity of VCCI and selected members (such as a committee or board) to
    • Identify members who are directly / indirectly impacted by climate risks; and understand the types of climate risks they are facing
    • Identify training needs
    • Engage the participation of members in PIER
    • Identify ability of VCCI staff and selected members to make changes in their day to day work
    • Liaison with collaborators from Oxfam International and other donor-funded projects
    • Capture interest in learning about private sector finance and other investment opportunities
    • Document VCCI and members’ willingness to incorporate outcomes from this consultancy.
  • At least two trainings held in collaboration with Oxfam to improve VCCI staff, decision makers, and selected members to understand climate change resilience, investment opportunities, and climate finance options. The consultant will be supported by PIER in developing the content for these trainings.
  • Capacity built of VCCI’s staff and selected members to understand climate risk, climate finance, and climate finance options (capacity built is the measurable result of trainings).
  • Preparation of guidance documents that assist and inform VCCI staff and its members to identify opportunities to invest in projects that address climate risks.
  • Facilitation of 2-4 dialogues held with VCCI, members, and a TBD ministry of the Government of Vietnam to create a process towards increasing private investment in climate risk.


Qualifications and Background

Educational requirement:

Undergraduate degree in environmental policy, development, finance, or related; Advanced degree is preferred

Experience, Skills, and Knowledge:        

  • Excellent knowledge of and relationships with Vietnam’s business association and private sector milieu
  • Excellent knowledge of climate change resilience and adaptation, especially in the Vietnam context
  • Experience working with ministries that support climate policies
  • Institutional capacity, training, and workshop experience
  • Experience in the design of training programs and convening stakeholders


  • Candidates must be fluent in Vietnamese and English

 Winrock is an equal opportunity employer

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