About the Team

In Creatives Intelligence, we are responsible for creating the best performing ads for our games. We need to be constantly studying our competitors’ strategies and mobile gaming marketing trends, testing our new ads, and analyzing all the performance data we have from both tests and live campaigns. A big factor for the success of a game is how well it is promoted - this is mainly determined by the quality of its ads, so our team is focused on always having new and great performing ads for Wildlife's games. Through different types of analysis, the team has complete autonomy to prioritize tests to confirm the hypothesis, which brings value to the marketing team. Because of the nature of the app market, this team must always adapt to the new external inputs, which makes the work very dynamic.


About the Role

The data analyst role demands high analytical and logical skills. Because this role depends on big data, programming skills will be necessary to work with the databases. A big part of the job scope is to find value on data Wildlife collects, either through new development on our current analysis or through completely new studies that optimize our performance. This role also includes periodic checkpoints with other project managers, in which it is requested that the main hypothesis and conclusions are presented, as well as the plan for new studies. Because most of the analysis involves a new market, there will be no routine for this job. The ideal candidate must be very creative and proactive to succeed in the role.


More about you

  • You have developed tools in the past (reports, logical processes, automation), finding hidden value in projects you’ve worked with before;
  • You have already been the manager of projects, being directly responsible for result delivery;
  • You have worked with projects related to innovation;
  • You are extremely proactive and are not afraid of failure;
  • You have the ability and persistence to solve problems, big and small. Also, you are constantly looking for ways to improve processes and analysis;
  • You're hands-on; willing and able to do what's needed, no matter the task.


What you'll do

  • Partner with managers to define strategies, priorities, and hypotheses to be tested;
  • Propose new methods of advertising, always with a mathematical background
  • Use data to make decisions and measure quality;
  • Develop your skills in big data;
  • Work with different areas, standing between the producers and the account managers;
  • Be knowledgeable about our company and industry.


What you'll need

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Related experience in other companies;
  • Basic programming, preferably R and Python;
  • Demonstrated ability to use data in decision making;
  • History of having worked with (and managed) related projects.

We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to help build the best gaming company, where everyone thrives.


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