Our products provide a constantly evolving immune system for enterprises, fighting the automated bots that cybercriminals use to steal people’s accounts, spread misinformation, and commit fraud. We are white hat hackers who have a deep love and understanding of the internet, and we’re protecting it for ourselves and future generations.

Current Job Openings at White Ops

Client Services

Engineering & Data Science

Application Security Engineer
New York City, NY, Victoria, BC
Data Platform Engineer
New York City
Data Scientist
London, UK
Payload Engineer
Victoria, BC
Production Engineer
New York City; London; Washington DC; Victoria BC
Senior Application Engineer
Virginia / New York City
Senior Detection Engineer
Virginia / New York City
Sr. DevOps Engineer
New York City
Threat Intel Analyst
Washington, DC


Director, Product Management
New York, Boston
Product Marketing Manager
New York, Boston


Director of Business Development
New York, San Francisco
VP of Sales
New York City